Mindful Beauty: Bring Intention To Your Beauty Routine

Mindful Beauty: Bring Intention To Your Beauty Routine

As spring blooms, nature shows us its beauty in many subtle ways. It reminds me that beauty comes from simplicity, authenticity and the understated value of being comfortable in one's skin. 

I have always enjoyed an intuitive approach to beauty, hair and using organic and nourishing ingredients. Listening to my inner voice, I hear a subtle and natural form of beauty that doesn’t rely on excessive or loud elements, it is the true beauty that comes from within. 

Our guiding light is a commitment to using clean, plant-based ingredients that enhance hair's natural beauty without unnecessary additives or harsh ingredients. We focus on mindfulness, sustainability and a holistic approach to beauty that respects the individual and the environment.

For me, less is more, because less works and it provides me with the results that I am looking for. 

Here are my three tips for sophisticated simplicity/mindful beauty:

1. Focus on hydration and shine. The foundation of healthy hair is moisture. Excessive heat styling can remove much-needed hydration. Using a nutrient-rich product like Serenity Smoothing Cream on wet hair before blow-drying adds hydration, smooths the cuticle, reduces frizz and produces a glossy finish.  

2. Less is more. Washing your hair less frequently allows your natural oils to distribute and nourish your hair, preventing it from becoming too dry. If you have color-treated hair, washing less can help preserve your color for a longer time. Washing less is also a time saver; a product like Refresh Dry Shampoo is a great way to extend any style by eliminating excess oil, building the body and creating texture on second-day hair.

3. Embrace your natural beauty. Gone are the days of complicated hairstyles; take advantage of your hair's natural texture. Embracing your natural texture allows you to explore and celebrate the versatility of your hair. Accepting and celebrating your natural hair can boost self-confidence and self-esteem. It allows you to appreciate and love your hair as it naturally is. Using a product like Sweet Spirit Leave In Conditioner can help to add a lightweight layer of daily hydration. It is a great detangler and lightweight enough for fine hair.