How to Have a Good Hair Day, Everyday

How to Have a Good Hair Day, Everyday

Good hair days don't have to be reserved for special occasions. In fact, when supplied with the right tools and techniques, they're totally DIY-able. But why stop at good? The key to going from good, to better, to the best hair you've ever had comes down to three foundational factors: a good haircut, better hair products for your specific needs, and the best easy pro tips for mane maintenance. We're showing you the Innersense way.


A session with your stylist can bring you to a new level of hair goals. But if you've been postponing scheduling because of procrastination or you're unsure of what to ask for when you go to the salon, here are some thought starters to help meet your needs.

  • Request face-framing layers.
  • Try a simple split end trim. Sometimes a low-key haircut makes all the difference.
  • Nurture your natural texture. Instead of trying to make major changes, embrace what you've got.
  • Explore how your hair holds weight and shape. Your stylist can help land you a cut that keeps on giving.
  • Bring a hair-spiration pic for the summer season. Find an Innersense Organic Beauty salon near you here.


Great products work with (not against) your hair and can help unlock seriously next-level styles. Here, we bring you our go-to summer picks for hydrating, nourishing, and revitalizing using formulas made with pure actives and never any toxic ingredients. Did you know that our products are also all organic and cruelty free?

For Fine Hair...

Style using Hair Love Prep Spray.

  • Spray it onto wet strands to prep before heat styling. It amps up body and provides thermal care without adding any weight.
  • It's made with vitamin B and rice protein to restore strength and shine, while plumping hair from roots to ends.
  • It also serves as a primer by increasing the performance of products such as I Create Lift Volumizing Foam and Refresh Dry Shampoo.

For Beachy Waves...

Style with I Create Waves.

For Curly Hair...

Style with Quiet Calm Curl Control

  • This styling lotion softens and hydrates natural curls. Simply distribute through damp hair and use fingers to separate curls. Then, either air dry or diffuse.
  • Shea butter, rooibos tea and honey extract blend for deep moisturizing benefits and a bouquet of orange flower oil mixed with frangipani brings balance and peace.
  • Team it up with I Create Hold and I Create Lift Volumizing Foam for countless curly looks.


You debuted a new haircut, you're stocked with the right products, and now it's time to learn from the best (on demand). We're always here to help you complete your looks with amazing tips and techniques. Head on over to our YouTube channel to stream them in action, then recreate their moves from the comfort of your own home. Our videos can help with application methods, which products to pair with your hair type and texture, the 411 on full Innersense rituals (from hairbaths and conditioners, to prepping and priming, to hold and finish, and beyond) and education about the brand. Your hair is now in harmony. Take on the season and don't forget to share your styles on social by tagging @innersenseorganicbeauty. We can't wait to see how you bring your best.