Curly Girl Chooses Innersense Organic Beauty

Let’s find out why this curly girl chooses Innersense Organic Beauty!

It’s a joy to celebrate Robin Sjoblom from Southern Curl and her commitment to healthy practices in her salon. Inspired by Lorraine Massey’s book, “The Curly Girl Handbook”, Robin is a Curl Specialist located in Smyrna, Georgia, and is a member of Curly Hair Artistry.

Learn more about Robin and what she shares about the importance of organic choices in her life and how this information with her clients.

Innersense: Why are organic products important to you?

Robin: I recently had some clients coming to me with sensitivities to some of our Curly Girl friendly products and I decided that I needed to find an organic line that would offer a non-chemical alternative.

I shop and eat organically and it made sense to offer organic products as well. I believe what you put into the body is so important, and try to educate clients on reading product labels as thoroughly as reading our food labels. It’s much easier to read Innersense labels because everything is whole and natural.

Innersense: How has using organic beauty products and natural ingredients changed your hair, skin, and mentality as a salon owner?

Robin: As I mentioned previously, I shop and eat organic foods and my body performs better. The same goes for my curls and my clients’ curls.  I am seeing a lightness and shine in my clients curls that wasn’t there before I found Innersense.  The fragrance of frangipani and Echinacea take me to a rain forest in the middle of the Caribbean somewhere.  I want to share this experience with each client!  The salon smells heavenly, no chemical scents, just pure plants. Clients understand this mentality as well. We don’t need chemicals to make our curls beautiful.

Innersense: How do you apply your values in your work environment and with your clients?

Robin: I always share what I’m learning and try to keep client visits on point with hair, not day-to-day gossip. I enjoy educating my clients.  They love to learn as well. Their two-hour appointment can change someone’s complete outlook on the way they view their hair and how they want to proceed in their curl journey. By sharing my values, I’m hoping that these clients not only fall in love with their curls, but become excited about styling their hair, and not view it as a chore.

Innersense: What have you noticed about changes in clients’ preferences for organic beauty?

Robin: Clients are becoming more socially aware due to social media and online resources. They are reading labels and asking questions.  They’re asking hard questions that need to be answered professionally, not just on You Tube. Organic beauty fits so well with curly clients because curls are a constant battle to show the world they aren’t something that needs to be fixed. They need to be nurtured and cared for in the safest, and healthiest way and Innersense offers that and more.

Innersense: What recommendations do you have for salons considering a non-toxic approach?

Robin: Do it. Don’t be afraid if you don’t carry the product line that “all salons carry” in order to draw people in. Step out and research products and believe in your approach. People are searching out salons that focus on non-toxic products. You will be healthier and your clients will be as well. And, you will be shocked at how fast people will notice the difference in the appearance of their hair. I did and I am so thankful for it.

Innersense: What is your favorite Innersense product and why?

Robin: My favorite Innersense product has to be Quiet Calm.  It provides amazing definition to curly hair, yet blows hair out frizz-free as well. It works on my wavy curlies all the way to my coily, tightest curl curlies, and my straight girls as well.

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  • Vanessa Wright says:

    I’m 61 years young and have very fine curly hair. I’ve been using deva curl for a couple of years and recently heard about innersense and want to know more about it.

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