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“Conscious Culture” And Embracing The Environment Is A Way Of Life

You’ll hear a great deal about our conscious chemistry, but conscious culture that embraces the environment is our way of life. It includes everything from “blink and you’ll miss it” moments in our day to day to the cardboard in our warehouse. Here’s how we encourage a conscious, mindful workplace that’s better for our health, and that of Mother Earth.


You won’t find bubble wrap, packing peanuts or plastic pillows in our packaging. Instead, we’ve opted for recyclable paper and corrugated “Gemini” wrap for glass bottles. Every box is sealed with paper tape, not plastic. Finally, to reduce our carbon footprint even further, we’ve opted for ground shipping over air for domestic parcels. 


Often, it’s the little things that make a big difference for the environment. Throughout our headquarters, we prioritize reusable materials. You won’t find single use items in our kitchen and break rooms. You will find reusable cloth towels, cutlery, dishware and glasses. In addition, our gender-neutral bathrooms feature cotton towels for hand drying (and sitting at each sink is one of our clean-rated hairbaths for hand washing!).

We’re blessed with a temperate Northern California climate, so our air conditioning and heating is used wisely, and sparingly. We have a single printer for the entire office, which encourages us to store important items digitally. 

We’ve supplied our staff and expanding education team with reusable (and branded!) metal water decanters and bamboo utensils so that, even away from the office, we are mindful of our impact on Mother Earth.


TerraCycle recycling bins throughout our warehouse and office encourage our team to recycle responsibly; those bins are also destinations for damaged and empty product bottles. We encourage our employees to use them for hard to recycle items from home as well.


We’re passionate about social responsibility and supporting love and inclusiveness. If the message is “love,” we support it, whether it’s our Morgan (who has special abilities) and her frequent appearances on our social media channels to promote Williams Syndrome Awareness, or our overwhelming support of the Jesse Lewis Choose Love Movement. We spread love globally, and we do so locally as well.

For us, philanthropy is not only reactive, it’s proactive and community-wide. Our annual Season of Giving campaign allows our community to help us support a wide range of nonprofit organizations with their holiday purchases.


Innersense Organic Beauty has adjusted our practices to be B Corp compliant as we pursue our official certification. That means we balance profit and purpose to redefine our success and build a more inclusive and sustainable economy. In this vein, 100% of our employees are paid a living wage 75% above the California Minimum Wage and all of our part-time and full-time employees receive monetary bonuses at the end of the year.

As our B Corp certification process continues, we’ll share more with you. 

It’s Our Corporate Culture, Just Elevated

Our corporate culture elevated is “conscious culture” in our books. Thank you for taking the time to get to know us a little better.


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Innersense Organic Beauty Earth Conscious Culture

“Conscious Culture” And Embracing The Environment Is A Way Of Life

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