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Coconut Oil

Why We Love It: Coconut Oil


Pacific Rim and Asian countries have relied on the coconut palm for thousands of years: Coconut meat was used for food, the flowers for sap, and the leaves for weaving baskets. And of course, the oil extracted from the milk of mature coconuts was used as an elixir for skin and hair. Islanders were onto something, and today, coconut oil is having its heydey. Here’s why we love it as an essential ingredient in our products:

Coconut oil is loaded with fatty acids, which make it one of the best natural hair conditioners out there. It works from the inside out, as these acids bind to the protein in your hair and protect roots and strands from breakage, sealing in moisture and shielding your hair from future damage. As coconut oil completely penetrates the hair shaft, more intact hair shafts mean your hair appears fuller, and feels that way, too. This super oil also reduces ‘hygral fatigue,” the swelling and shrinking of hair, further reducing future damage.

Coconut oil is plentiful in antioxidants, nutrients, and essential vitamins that all work together to improve your hair’s softness and luster. Vitamin E, for one, nourishes skin, promotes hair growth and encourages a healthy scalp and shine. Did you know coconut oil eases dandruff, prevents breakage and split ends, and even slows down hair loss? As our hair is comprised entirely of protein, protein loss means weak and unhealthy hair. Coconut oil reduces that loss, too. The bottom line? Coconut oil is essential for making your hair strong, shiny, and healthy!

We go to the beautiful Philippine islands for coconut oil used in our product formulations. Find it in our:

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