Gemini twins celebrate organic hair care


At Innersense Organic Beauty, we believe the celestial skies combine with the gems and stones of Mother Earth to guide, inform and provide. They even sometimes entertain and humor us!

Astrology is the study of the movements and relative positions of celestial bodies interpreted as having an influence on human affairs and the natural world.

Whether or not you adhere to astrological science, we think it is fun to consider. After all, clean beauty products by definition are made with the health of our bodies and the environment in mind. Why not add the stars and the gems of the earth into the clean beauty equation?

Gemini Hair-o-scope by Innersense Organic Beauty

Introducing Innersense Organic Beauty Hair-o-scope!

On a personal note, I am a Gemini. My birthday is June 12th, and I proudly share this date with Anne Frank. Geminis have the capacity to be humanitarian and look out for the whole. We also honor partnerships and definitely have different sides to our personality.

On one hand, I love a good party and can be very outgoing, while on the other hand I might prefer to delightfully sit in a corner and watch the world go by, and still other times I can feel quite shy and quiet.

These are all sides of me, and I do my best to honor each part equally.

I love considering astrology when working with my salon guests because it gives us a little glimpse into our inner self. The stars are ever changing, as are we. What the stars suggest can sometimes inspire change – a change for the better. And, I love supporting growth in my clients (and myself).

The ceremony of washing and taking care of another person’s hair – of placing my hands upon their head, massaging their scalp and giving gentle care and attention – means I can be a small part of supporting them in this moment, which is a true gift.

I think it is fun to think that we are all little parts of the greater whole of the universe, each very unique in our own special way. ~ Joanne Starkman, Founder of Innersense Organic Beauty

Gemini: The Twins
(May 21-Jun 21)

The most versatile and vibrant horoscope sign, Gemini energy helps us communicate, collaborate and fly our freak flags at full mast. Those twins can’t be held back and are ever changing. They can be very daring with their personal style.

You’ll never know what personality or hairstyle might show up.

Gemstones for Gemini Hair-o-scope

Gemini Gemstone Vibes

The birthstone for Gemini is the Pearl. The Zodiac sign of Gemini responds to many beautiful gems and stones. Moonstone supports expression and being able to see both sides of the story. Tiger’s Eye helps draw spiritual energies to the earth, aids the eyes and night vision, and is quite grounding. Agate helps with problem-solving and stabilizing the aura. Citrine promotes creativity, and absorbs and transmutes negative energy. Calcite supports cleaning and amplification of energy, and also helps to connect our emotions with our intellect. Opal is a karmic stone that teaches us whatever we put out into the universe comes back to us, and supports psychic and mystic visions.

Gemini Hair-o-Scope Wish for You Today

May you listen to your Innersense today and honor the voice that answers back, respecting it for as long as it wishes to be heard and letting it depart on its own terms to make room for the next voice to arise. Discover and explore your own clean beauty ceremony for your birthday!

Joanne’s Clean Beauty Recommendations for Gemini

This energetic sign needs products that play well together, are versatile and work well on the go.

Clean Beauty hair care recommendationRefresh Dry Shampoo + Sweet Spirit Leave In Conditioner

For the Gemini who embraces the multi-faceted nature of your sign, this partnership of organic shampoo and organic conditioner gives a refreshing clean beauty twist. Because dry shampoo and leave-in conditioner make life on the go a Gemini’s dream come true.



Gemini hair-o-scope for clean beauty

I Create Waves + Inner Peace Whipped Creme Texturizer

The perfect duo to bring out texture and waves, when your Gemini nature needs to have some room to play and express itself! There’s a freedom to letting your curls rejoice from one day to the next with Gemini grace, ease and consistency.



Joanne's Gemini trio for organic hair care

Pure Harmony Hairbath + Pure Inspiration Daily Conditioner + I Create Volume

The perfect combination for Geminis with fine hair. These playful twins never want to be weighed down. Because of this, balanced hydration is key, starting with Pure Harmony Hairbath, one of Innersense Organic Beauty’s organic shampoos. The Aloe Vera in I Create Volume is the perfect ingredient to add both hydration and shine to keep up with the mercury-like energy of Gemini.



Born under the zodiac sign of Cancer? Get your hair-o-scope here.

Congratulations to Margaret W who is our Gemini giveaway winner!  The giveaway associated with this Gemini blog is now closed.


  • Elise Logan says:

    I Create Volume is my fave Innersense product so far. My Gemini birthday is June 9

    • Damaris Escarment says:

      June 18th!!! I absolutely love the inner peace whipped Creme Texturizer. 🧡🧡

    • Janean Butcher says:

      We’re new to Innersense. We found you while searching for safe products for curly hair. It was challenging to find effective products for curly hair that I felt were safe enough to put on my daughter’s sensitive scalp. We love your curly hair products! My daughter’s favorite is the Hydrating Cream Conditioner. Mine is the Harmonic Healing Oil because of how much it helps heal her scalp! My birthday is June 13.

    • Kayla Flowers says:

      My birthday is June 10th! The sea salt spray for my curly/wavy hair is an absolute gem!!!!

    • Kelly Martinez says:

      My birthday is June 13th! So close to yours! I feel like your description of yourself hits so close to home. I haven’t tried Innersense yet, but look forward to being able to do so someday!

    • James Knoell says:

      May 30th

    • James Knoell says:

      I Create Volume
      May 30th

    • Laura Knoell says:

      I need the I create Volume June 4th

    • Tracy Baldwin says:

      May 21st! My whole routine is my fav but can’t live without quiet calm.

    • Laurie Thurtle says:

      The hydrating cream line is extraordinary. My curls have never looked better! My birthday is June 14.

    • Joy Lim says:

      Hi! I have naturally curly hair. What products would work best with my hair? My bday is 6/6. Thank you.

      • Innersense Tribe says:

        Hi Joy,

        Thanks for entering in our Gemini Giveaway. Check out our hair ceremony form on our homepage to get one of our hair ceremonies recommended to you based on your hair type! If you have any questions please feel free to email us at or give us a call at 1-877-254-7385.

        Thank You!

    • Rochelle Klamm says:

      June 12…great day for a birthday
      I love the hydrating hair masque

    • Renee Belle-Sanchez says:

      Im currently having a meltdown because the hair gel I used I. The winter is no longer working for me in the summer. My hair dresser actually suggested I use I Create Volume to prevent my gel from changing composition. I’m hoping it works.

      My birthday was June 8th. And happy belated birthday to you Elise!

  • Anna-Thea says:

    Love this Joanne. Such a wealth of information! I want to stay tuned and can’t wait for the month of September… my birthday month! Thanks for the information and I LOVE your products!!!

  • Carolyn says:

    Great blog post! Can’t wait to read about Cancers!
    My two favorite Innersense products are definitely Sweet Spirit and Harmonic Healing Oil. Daily use!

  • Natalie Krieg says:

    My Gemini birthday is June 2nd!! Lovin’ the Gemini vibes right now✨And also love all of the Innersense products but my fave is the sweet spirit leave in conditioner

    • Claire Hoernschemeyer says:

      My Gemini Birthday is June 14th! I am new to Innersense and found this giveaway while looking to purchase my first products. I have wavy/curly hair and your products come highly recommended by other curly ladies in my community.

    • Siobhan says:

      I love the sweet spirit! My gemini birthday is June 1!

  • Cheryl Eskew says:

    As of now, my FAVORITE Innersense products are Color Awakening Hairbath and Color Radiance Conditioner, but I’m about to try something new (go figure, I AM a Gemini)!
    I ran out this morning and had to use an “old” product and boy, does my hair feel BLAH. Got to get that order in. 🙂
    My b-day is June 17th.

  • Derelys Peterson says:

    My birthday is June 13th. My favorite Innersense product is the Sweet Spirit Leave In Conditioner. It smells so beautiful and clean, as all of the other Innersense hair products. It isn’t heavy on my hair and a little goes a long way. Love this line.

  • Melaine says:

    My birthday is May 21.

    My favorite products are I create volume and I create hold.

  • Bethany Phillips says:

    My birthday is June 15th 💓
    My favorite product is Refresh Dry Shampoo

  • Kristen says:

    The Quiet Calm Curl Control is my FAVORITE way to tame my frizzies and keep my waves looking smooth. I also use it on my super curly-haired toddler’s hair! My birthday is May 29.

  • Christie says:

    June 1 (happy birthday fellow Gems!)

    I really like the hairbath+conditioner+leave in conditioner combo I got for Christmas, but am jonesin’ for the I create Waves and Inner Peace solutions as well!

  • Amy Luo says:

    Thank you for hosting this giveaway! My birthday is on June 16. My favorite product is I create volume.

  • Judie Hurtado says:

    Happy Birthday Joanne! My birthday is the day before yours- June 11th. Not only that, I have two Gemini teen daughters- May 24th and June 18th. We all have curly hair, although mine is the curliest. It’s impossible for me to pick just one favorite product! My top three are Color Awakening Hairbath, Color Radiance Daily Conditioner and i create Volume.

    Thank you for sharing all your tips, the Gemini info and for creating this giveaway.

  • Nick says:

    Thanks for this! My birthday just passed on 5/27 (fingers crossed)

    The harmony Oil has done wonders for my hair

  • Megan Brewster says:

    My birthday is June 10!

    My favorite products are I Create Hold and I Create Lift!

  • Allison says:

    May 30th! Love the hair mask

  • Cassie says:

    My birthday is June 9th! My favorite is the Sweet Spirit Leave in Conditioner….on my third bottle! I still have not tried the dry shampoo yet but it is on my list!!!

  • Britt says:

    June 17th, Refresh Dry Shampoo!

  • Heidi says:

    I love the sea salt spray! My birthday is 6/9. 🙂

  • Becca Boar says:

    My birthday is June 12 and I really like the curly hair products like the hydrating hairbath/ conditioner, and quiet calm curl control.

  • Brittany G says:

    My birthday is June 12th too! Birthday twin 😊 my favorite product right now is the Hydrating Cream conditioner! Love all of your products and can’t wait to try the I Create Waves spray.

  • Dina Newman says:

    Definitely I Create Volume!! My birthday is on June 3rd woo Gemini’s!!

  • Gail says:

    June 9th – Love ❤️ the dry shampoo for my teenage daughter. I have the full line of products and need to invest in the travel sizes.

  • Earlene Spence says:

    My birthday is 6/8 and I’m proud to be a Gemini! My favorite combo is the I Create Hold under the I Create Volume ❤️❤️❤️

  • Deanna Cortez says:

    My birthday is June 19! My entire hair regimen includes innersense, I even use it in my three year old son. My personal favorite product is the sweet spirit leave in conditioner. It’s really helped my hair through the dry months. My 2nd favorite is the styling gel for my little guy.

  • Elizabeth Dunne says:

    My birthday is June 14. I’m new to Innersense and I’m really looking forward to getting started. I just ordered a whole set of products on the recommendation of my stylist.

  • Kelsey Cahill says:

    Yassss!!! Gemini Season!! 🙂 Happy Birthday!

    This is so awesome thank you!!!

    June 5th

    My favorite products are Color Awakening Hairbath and Color Radiance Conditioner. But I haven’t come across a product of your’s that I haven’t liked. Even for my daughter who has totally different hair (curly & kinky) than me. I’m so thankful!!!

  • Lindsey says:

    My birthday is June 7 and my daughter is June 2 we both have frizzy curly hair I’ve not had the chance to try your products but I have heard so many great things about them I would love the chance to try them myself

  • Lee Ann Parrish says:

    My birthday was May 23rd. Loving the I Create Hold gel. Thanks for a great product line!

  • Donnette Cannady says:

    My birthday is June 8.
    My fav is Sweet Spirit leave in conditioner. Awesome stuff! Leaves my hair feeling so healthy, soft, silky, and shiny without weighing it down.

  • Gabriella Lewis says:

    My Gemini ♊️ birthday is on May 28th! I’m new to Innersense Beauty and have not tried any products yet, but feeling very drawn to the volumizing line so I’m manifesting a winning of those products! Thank you for honoring us Gemini’s!!!

  • Heather C says:

    I love being a Gemini! My birthday is June 1. My favorite product is the I Create Waves.

  • Stephanie says:

    I Create is my fav! Birthday is June 13! 😊

  • Janice Milliken says:

    Love Gems and their spirits. Create volume makes me feel airier!
    May 27

  • Maya says:

    Happy birthday, Gemini’s! My birthday is June 9. I always loved having pool parties as a birthday celebration growing up 🤗

    My fav product is I Create Volume, for my curls that don’t ever wish to be tamed 🦁

  • Sharon says:


    • Innersense Tribe says:

      Hi Sharon,

      Thank you so much for your interest! As part of the giveaway rules this giveaway is applicable to those with Gemini birthdays. Stay tuned for Aries in April for your birthday month to enter for that giveaway! Sending you lots of hair love!

  • Tammy Rafferty says:

    So cool! I’m turning 50 and Fabulous this year!!
    I love using the Color Awakening Hairbath Shampoo and the Color Radiance Daily Conditioner.
    I love being a Gemini!
    My birthday is June 2nd.
    Thank you for offering this awesome giveaway!!
    Fingers Crossed.
    Have a super day!
    Tammy Raffle

  • Kate Thompson says:

    We JUST discovered your product this month! LOVE I Create Hold! My birthday is June 4. Gemini!

  • Jessica says:

    Hydrating Cream Conditioner is my all time favorite product! June 5th!!!

  • amy says:

    My favorite products are the curl control and the I create hold gel because used together they are perfect. The gel is the best because it doesn’t make it too crunchy and it’s still “touchable”. My Gemini b’day is May 26. happy birthday y’all!

  • Charlene says:

    My birthday is June 3rd

    I actually have never tried your products but have read great reviews which is why i signed up for your newsletter. I would love to win this package and try them out.

    Happy Birthday to you!

  • Melissa Webster says:

    What a great giveaway for us Geminis!! Just celebrated by 50th on May 27th. My fave Innersense product is I Create Volume for my fine hair.

    • Robin says:

      My birthday is June 14th. I love all the products that I have purchased. The leave in conditioner is wonderful to take out all the tangles from washing my hair. I do not go without it!! Thank you for the wonderful and safe products!

  • Jennifer Tuggle says:

    I love I create volume it has really helped my fine hair! My birthday is June 2nd, I really like the information about the gemstones. Thank you!

  • Chloe says:

    My birthday is June 2nd – this Sunday! My fav Innersense product is the Refresh Dry Shampoo

  • Laura B says:

    I’m absolutely obsessed with the Hydrating Cream Conditioner – it smells DIVINE and makes my hair so silky. My birthday is May 21st – yay Gemini!

  • Tara Davenport says:

    Birthday is June 2!!!!

    I have yet to try the products but I’m very interested in the fine hair line-up mentioned in this post!

    • Andrea says:

      Hello! My birthday is 6/9. I love all of the products I’ve tried but I think I love “I create volume” the most! Sweet spirit leave in is a close second 🙂

  • Ashley Bosford says:

    June 7th !!!

    The hydrating cleanser and conditioner changed my hair completely. I love them both equally!!

    Have a wonderful day!!

  • Kelsie says:

    I think Gemini’s have the best energy! (Although I am definitely biased) My Birthday is May 25th. My favorite Innersense product is the sweet spirit leave in, I use it on my style days and in between to tame fly aways, it works and smells delicious!!

  • Julia Pineo says:

    My birthday is 5/25! I haven’t tried any of your products yet but I would love to!!

  • Georgette says:

    Hello there fellow Gems! I’m a curly girl with thirsty curls and I’m in love 🥰 with your hydrating hair ceremony. My birthday is on June 8.

  • Jamie Smith says:

    My birthday is June 2! I have yet to try any products but would really like to!

  • Christine Germinario says:

    Did you know that the true birthstone for June is Alexandrite. A very rare gem valued more than the diamond. My birthday is June 2. Did you also know I gave away all my hair products once I was introduced to Innersense and I haven’t looked back. 🤗

  • Brittany Bradley says:

    My son‘s Gemini Birthday is June 14th! I love your products, and appreciate the work you do to keep products nontoxic. I love the Pure Inspiration Daily Conditioner!!

    • Reshma says:

      Happy birthday, Joanne and fellow Gems! My birthday was on May 26. I just heard about your line and signed up for your newsletter. My favorite product is the hydrating cream hairbath! Would love to try more products in your line to save my dry, frizzy, color-tortured hair!

  • Tati says:

    My birthday is 06/06 and I’ve never tried an innersense product

  • Gina Norton says:

    Gemini’s rule!
    June 7th!
    My fav product is icreatevolume!
    But really I love them all!

  • Emily Lo says:

    June 2! Sweet Spirit Leave In Conditioner is always my favorite!

  • Sheena Geer says:

    May 30. Icreate volume

  • Kylie Merrick says:

    My Gemini birthday is May 22! I love everything I have tried but my favorite hands down is the quiet calm curl cream!

  • tsb7700 says:

    Been using Innersense products for a few months now and totally love them! From the shampoo to the conditioner – the whipped creme texturizer is my newest addition and I love it, too! My birthday is June 21st so I’m right on the cusp – not really sure if I’m Gemini or Cancer. Thanks for the opportunity and sharing!

  • Sharon Young says:

    My Gemini birthday is June 2nd!! I love all the Innersense products I have tried so far but my favorite is the dry shampoo! 😊👏

  • Steph says:

    May 25!

    My favorite products are ALL the curly hair products. Love the shampoo and conditioner and love how the styling products make my hair look and feel.

  • Brandi D'Amore says:

    I am a Decan 3 Gemini, June 14. Oohhh…. hard to choose. Healthy hair is the foundation, so I guess the masque, but the whip and the I Create waves.

    The product line beauty is a result of the hearts of the creators

  • Wendy Gouge says:

    Happy birthday to my fellow Gemini’s! We are strong, independent, and charming individuals❤️
    My birthday is June 2nd and I have after 51 years let my curls take control. The Color Awakening Hairbath, Color Radiance Daily Conditioner, I Create Hold and Inner Peace Whipped Creme Texturizer have become my best friends! Let me say that my 18 year old son has decided to let his hair grow and we NEVER knew he was blessed with my curls! #winning #myproductlevelisincreasinglylow #befreewiththosecurls #girlslovetotouchhishair

  • Perla Parra says:

    Gemini girl here!
    June 17th!
    I am becoming more aware and conscious about what I put in my body and on earth.
    With all my search I came to find Innersense!
    I haven’t had a chance to try a product yet but I have my eyes set on a few.

  • My birthday is June 20th.
    My most favorite styling product is “I create volume”. I have very straight hair and because I stopped coloring it, now, it lacks texture.
    It is perfect for my hair. I recommend it to all clients who are looking for volume/ texture at Hale salon where I work in NYC.
    They love it!!!

  • Alyssa Torres says:

    Happy Birthday, Joanne!

    I love being a Gemini! My birthday is June 18. We’re not that far apart from each other. I was introduced to Innersense and my favorite product thus far is I Create Hold. I love your gel! It’s amazing.

  • Melinda N. says:

    My favorite innersense (and only one so far) product is the refresh dry shampoo. I love the lift and texture it gives my fine hair and love that it’s not an aerosol bottle. My Gemini birthday is June 17th!

  • Nicole says:

    I love the dry shampoo and am so curious about all the other products but haven’t tried yet!! My birthday is May 27 🙂

  • Liz Garcia says:

    Thank you for a wonderful blog post! It’s nice to read about another Gemini that has all these same sides. I’m a June 11th baby and can’t wait to read more about your products.

  • Erica says:

    June16th! And I’m one of many of my Gemini friends!

    I’m a huge fan of the hydrating cream conditioner for my big, thirsty curls!

  • Jennifer says:

    Awesome! My favorite Innersense product is I Create Hold. My birthday is June 15. Thanks for the chance to win!

  • Cindy Braden says:

    Hello fellow Geminis! My day is June 5th.
    My birthday wish is to be able to try these awesome products that I’ve been following since their release. Everything sounds amazing.
    Thank you for the chance and Happy Birthday!

  • Cary Thomas says:

    Happy Birthday, fellow Geminis! My birthday is 5/26.

    My favorite products so far are the Hydrating Cream Hairbath and Conditioner, and the Sweet Spirit Leave-In! My hair looks healthy and is SO much softer. Grateful to have found these products and excited to try new ones from the line! Thank you!

  • Madelyn Lyons says:

    My Gemini birthday is June 19th! I’ve never been able to try any of the Innersense but I’d love to try the Harmonic Healing Oil!

  • Lindsy says:

    My birthday is June 2nd!

    I have been loving Sweet Spirit Leave in Conditioner and I Create Lift Volumizing Foam! I’m hooked and I’ll never use anything else.

  • Demiry Rivera says:

    I have been using the Innersense line for 6 months.. I was challenged by my stylist to use just them only to see the benefits. I’m in love.. my hair is the healthiest it’s ever been… I love all the products and need to try more.. My Birthday is June 2nd

  • Bethany Worthington says:

    I love the Hydrating Cream Hairbath! My birthday is June 20th.

  • Sonam Sahni says:

    So spot on for a Gemini ♊️ horoscope… June 17th, proud Gemini and summer baby who loves I Create Lift!! Happy birthday fellow Geminis! 🎉🎉

  • Eve McGee says:

    I Create Waves is my favorite! June 11 in the house!

  • Heather says:

    My birthday is May 24th! I love your color line and the dry shampoo! I actually have to reorder soon.

  • Adrienne Romer-Jordan says:

    I love the hydrating cream hair bath and matching conditioner. My birthday is June 21!

  • Lisa Homer says:

    I only wash my blonde wavy hair every 3-4 days so when i do, it’s got to be Innersence! I love the clean smell 9withouy all the yucky chemicals in ‘fragrance’) and these are the first conditioner/s that have actually worked-softening my hair. I’m super tender-headed and the Spirit leave in conditioner is a Godsend as well!!
    I’m looking forward to trying your dry shampoo and quiet calm curl control!!!! Birthday is tomorrow!!! May 31st! The big 4-5! Yay!!

  • Dorothy Jenrette says:

    Hello Gemini sisters and brothers! Aren’t we a great group??!! My favorite Innersense product is I Create Volume. My birthday is June 15.

  • Iesha says:

    Happy Birthday Gems ♊️✨

    June 3rd, I create waves inner peace cream.

  • Georgianna Powers says:

    Big hello, especially to those who share June 9 with me! I love my hydrating products, and I Create Control does a lot to help me battle frizz that did not exist when I was younger. Having even a little control is wonderful, in today’s cwazy world.

  • Denise says:

    I love my Innersense products!! I use the Color Awakening Hairbath, Color Radiance Daily Conditioner, Sweet Spirit Leave In Conditioner and Refresh Dry Shampoo. I have extremely sensitive skin and allergies to a list of chemicals so the Innersense line has been perfect for me and my hair! Thank you for making such pure and wonderful products!!

    My birthday is June 4th. 😊

  • Dawn says:

    Hi I am new to this product. Saw it on Instagram. My birthday June 9th. I have very curly hair but it is damaged from color and heat tools and keratin treatments. I would love to have nice smooth curls with no Frizz.

  • Marissa Zappulla says:

    May 25th! I Create Volume is my absolute fav product ever! My curls just dream of this gorgeous product!

  • Dominique says:

    June 16. I LOVE my hydrating hair bath and conditioner and sweet spirit leave in conditioner… and the quiet calm curl control. Haha, I couldn’t pick one favorite because they all work so well togethet!

  • Shirley says:

    June 8th

    Whatever hair care you recommend for Arizona please is what I would liovr to try.

  • Marisa Carrozza says:

    My birthday is June 13th! I’m pretty much obsessed with the entire Enlighten Hair Ceremony, but my all time favorite, can’t-go-without product is the Whipped Creme Texturizer. IT SMELLS SO GOOD and my hair loves it!

  • Kate D says:

    I am a June 15th Gemini… haven’t tried any products yet, but am SO interested in everything clean and green for hair and body. Looking forward to trying some products!

  • Michelle Guajardo says:

    June 18 is my birthday 🙂 I have been LOVING The pure inspiration conditioner and the I create waves for my fave, wavy hair

  • Michelle says:

    June 18 🙂 I love the pure inspiration conditioner and I creat waves for my fine, wavy hair!

  • I love the insight on the Gemini personality. June 1st is my daughter’s birthday and it describes her personality! My birthday is July 9th! I love the I create waves!

  • Allison says:

    I love the harmonic healing oil. It is amazing at healing dry ends and a dry scalp. My birthday is June 11.

  • Melissa says:

    Fellow Gemini here with a June 7th birthday. I love many of the Innersense products, but my favorite is either sweet spirit leave-in or I create lift volumizing foam…it’s a happy toss-up between the two.💗

  • Emily H says:

    My gemini birthday was May 27th! I also have gemini as my venus sign, so this is my favorite time of year. My favorite product is the I Create Hold!

  • Kelly says:

    May 28! Love what Innersense has done for my curls!

  • Aarti says:

    This is so exciting! Great start to the birthday month! My birthday is on June 17, and I simply adore the Sweet Spirit Leave-in. Sometimes, it is the only ‘styler’ I will use on my wavy hair, and I am good to go! I would love to try the other products though, especially the I create waves spray!

  • Kate Vance says:

    May 30. I love I Create Lift!

  • Heather Z says:

    My birthday is June 17th and Sweet Spirit and Dry Shampoo are my favorite!

  • My gemini birthday is 5/31/93, today! I love Innersense organic beauty products and it was actually your Instagram page that introduced them to me. I was amazed by how different your products were, being organic, and wanted to learn how to use them. At the time I was not aware of a hairstylist in my area who could teach me how to style my hair. Through your page I found stylists that I could watch and learn tidbits from their posts. I have been using your products for the last 2 years and will never look back! Thank you so much for your amazing products, for fighting against the grain, and for not being afraid to share your knowledge with all of us!

  • arlene halibian says:

    My Gemini birthday is june 10th. my favorite product is the refresh dry shampoo.

  • Danielle Johnson says:

    My birthday is June 3rd and I’m obsessed with the hydrating hair masque.

  • lmorita09 says:

    I just ordered the dry shampoo, I can’t wait to try it! My birthday is June 20th

  • Constance Charbonneau says:

    My birthday is June 18. Happy birthday to you and all my fellow Gemini ladies!! My products are Pure Harmony Hair Bath, Pure Inspiration Daily Conditioner and I Create Volume. Sweet Spirit Leave In is a wish list product too. I love that the products are all organic and healthy!!

  • Patti says:

    What a fun blog post!! I can’t wait to see what my birthday month brings!!

  • Emily says:

    The hydrating hair mask is my favorite! My bday is June 2.

  • Christa says:

    Fellow Gemini here! I’ve never used Innersense…just been stalking them for a while. 😉 The gems and stones look so pretty. Maybe there’s a reason I’m attracted to them. (My birthday is the 16th of June — Bloomsday!)

  • Mary Meadows says:

    My Gemini Birthday is May 21st! I love the Hydrating Cream Conditioner! Thanks for the oppurtunity!

  • Aimee Cahill says:

    My birthday is June 3. My two favorite products are color radiance conditioner and quiet calm.

  • Shantidas Leyba says:

    My birthday is May 21, right at the cutoff! My favorite product is the Inner Peace Whipped Creme Texturizer to tame my fly always!

  • Ashley Cross says:

    June 18th. I LOVE PH shampoo, dry shampoo, and the hair spray, but I think my favorite is the sea salt spray. Happy birthday to all my fellow June babies!

  • Linda says:

    Pure harmony hair bath and the dry shampoo are my regulars. June 1

  • Melissa says:

    Love this post! Can’t wait to see Capricorn!

  • Maria says:

    I definitely would say a Gemini is always on the go and I would love to win the Refresh Dry Shampoo and Sweet Spirit Leave In. It’s so hard to keep up different hairstyles that I would say dry shampoo has got to be my favorite of all time since it keeps the style looking fresh for days! It’s always important to condition the hair and take time to take care of it so I would say the leave in is such an important product to have. It would be such a great surprise to win especially with my birthday right around the corner (June 14)! 💖🎂

  • Jihane Jones says:

    June 6th, love the sweet spirit leave in.

  • Stacie says:

    May 24th birthday! So far 8’ve been really I loving the sweet spirit leave in conditioner!

  • Jennifer says:

    My cat’s birthday is June 4th! does she count for this give away? LOL but my favorite product is the pure shampoo/conditioner! I just transitioned a week ago and my dandruff, itchiness and dryness disappeared very quickly !! I can’t wait to see the results after the detox phase

  • Bri says:

    I like the dry shampoo and look forward to trying I Create Volume! Birthday is May 29. 🙂

  • Anne says:

    June 20th usually a hot SUMMER DAY here where I live. I LOVE MY BIRTHDAY and I LOVE both the Color Awakening Hairbath and the I Create Lift. If I had to choose and it was stuck on a deserted island kinda deal, I would still choose the Hairbath….the smell is divine!
    Thank you!

  • Kate says:

    I love the sweet spirit leave-in conditioner! My birthday is on June 14th.

  • Kelley says:

    May 27! 💚 I constantly realize the duality of my Gemini personality. It has drawn me to all different kinds of interests and allowed me to meet people from such diverse backgrounds.

    I already love the Sweet Spirit Leave-In Conditioner and look forward to trying more healthy products from Innersense!

  • Christina Anderson says:

    June 18th is my birthday (:

    Pure harmony hairbath is one of my fav products

  • Michelle Garrison says:

    The Sweet Spirit Leave-in Conditioner is my fave. I love the clean ingredients and mission of your company! My birthday is June 11th! Love to all fellow Geminis 💕✨🌻

  • Maria says:

    My birthday is May 24!!! I’m new to innersense and I’m really liking the I create volume and sweet spirit leave in. I’d really like to try the refresh dry shampoo 🧴

  • My birthday is May 27, 1960.

  • Beth G says:

    My Gemini ♊️ Birthday is June 1st! I have fine, wavy hair and I’ve just started on my curly girl method journey. I’m excited to try Innersense for the first time… so many women in my CurlyConnection group on Facebook swear buy your products! I definitely want to try I Create Volume..and also find a shampoo and conditioner. Thank you so much for this generous giveaway!

  • Jennifer says:

    My bday is 6/9. I haven’t tried the Innersense products yet but look forward to doing so

  • Sherry says:

    My favorite product is the Sweet Spirit Leave In. I can’t wait to try them all!😃
    My birthday is May 25th💜♊️

    • Sarah Cowan says:

      June 2! My favs are the dry shampoo and the color awakening shampoo and conditioner. Smells amazing and my hair looks great! Have a happy birthday and enjoy a slice of that yummy looking cake!

  • Ginger says:

    This would be great for mom! Her birthday is June 9th! Love the leave in conditioner!

  • Anouska says:

    Gemini girl here – 24th May.. Fav product so far is I create volume. Thanks for creating such lovely products!!

  • heather padilla says:

    I have an autistic son who’s birthday is June 19,can I still enter? Would make a great gift.

  • S. Mora says:

    Love Innersense products! My favorite is the Quiet Calm Curl Control styling cream and my birthday is June 20th! Plus my husband is also a gemini – June 8th , and my younger brother as well – June 9th! Lots of gemini’s in my family!

  • Megan says:

    My Birthday is June 11th! My favorite product is the Color Radiance Conditioner, it’s perfect for my fine wavy hair!

  • Katera says:

    I’m actually a DOUBLE Gemini! June 15th Meaning my sun and moon are in gemini! So there’s like 4 or more of me! So naturally I’d say every product is my fave depending on the day ! However I haven’t tried any Innersense yet! I’m particularly interested in the dry shampoo and the leave in conditioner, both sound perfect as my ends get dry but my scalp gets oily! Good luck fellow Gemini’s ! Sending good vibes and twin love!

  • Brigitte Hardine says:

    June 16th❤️Color Awakening Bath & Color Radiance Conditioner

  • Jenna says:

    My Gemini Birthday is May 24. I 💗 the leave in conditioner, the harmony shampoo and the inspiration conditioner. The smells are amazing! Thanks so much for creating such great products.

  • Brenda Holmes says:

    I have been using several of
    The products and love! I bought them for
    Gifts for my children too! I love the fact that I’m using wonderful ingredients
    On my hair! I love the color shampoo/conditioner! My birthday is June 8th. My son’s birthday is June 7th! Two Gemini’s under one roof is never boring!

  • Jill says:

    I am new to Innersense. I haven’t tried anything yet but would love to explore! My Gemini birthday is June 10!

  • Love the Sweet Spirit Leave In! My birthday is May 29th! Love being a Gemini Woman!

  • Heather says:

    My Birthday is May 21, I only get 1 check a month on disability so I am unable to afford such nice products. I only hope to be a winner so I may try your wonderful products. Thank you.

  • Kiersten fallon says:

    My birthday is June 4th and my favorite product so far is I Create Volume but I really want to try the salt spray!

  • Morgan Spencer says:

    May 27 baby here! I Create Hold is the greatest thing for my curls but I love every product I’ve tried!

  • Heidi Tolly says:

    Hi! I love the sweet spirit leave in conditioning spray! I am also happy with the shampoo and conditioner for color treated hair. I have fine hair and am looking forward to trying more products! Thank you!! My Birthday was May 23rd. Have a wonderful day!!☺💕🎶

  • Sharon Pecyne says:

    Welcome to Gemini ♊️ season, my birthday is June 12, same as Ann Frank and you! My favorite product is the Quiet Calm Curl Control

  • Angela Lee says:

    My favorite Innersense product is the Refresh Dry Shampoo. My birthday is June 16th.

  • niniakerson says:

    I have considered myself so lucky to have found these products! They’re the go-to hair care at the curly-hair salon I go to. Quiet Calm still blows my mind each time I use it, it keeps my curls so soft and frizz-free.
    I got the e-mail for this giveaway just as I was adding Inner Peace to my birthday wish list (June 13th!)

  • 05/26
    My fav product would be the sweet spirit leave-in conditioner

  • Daysie says:

    I Create Lift Foam is one of my favorite styling products!!
    My birthday is June 4 🎂

  • Kat says:

    My birthday is June 14th!
    After transitioning to clean beauty, with the help of some of my favorite beauty bloggers, I came across Innersense beauty. I gave it a chance and feel in love with the multi-use Harmonic Healing oil! I also trained myself to only wash my hair twice a week. I wash it with the Hydrating cream hairbath and conditioner, both of which leaves my hair soft and looking healthy.

  • Aracely says:

    My birthday is June 6. I recently started using the Hydrating Cream Hairbath and Hydrating Cream Conditioner and love it! Looking forward to trying out more of the products.

  • Sasha says:

    My birthday is tomorrow! June 2nd! I would love to be able to try this product out!

  • Mary Maxson says:

    I love Quiet Calm!!!! I was born on that famous day… Flag Day! June 14th!
    Love your products and your spiritual energy!

  • Jen hansen says:

    I love I Create Lift and my 5~29 Gemini birthday ♊️

  • Linda Gibson says:

    June 14. I CREATE VOLUME is my favorite. My hair is fine and the product helps provide the needed volume.

  • lisa says:

    these are outstanding products

  • Elisika says:

    My birthday is 5/25 and I’m still perfecting my curl by currently I love I create volume. Still need to try a few more.

  • andie king says:

    my birthday is june 9th. my favorite product is the color radiance daily conditioner!

  • Jan Berg says:

    My Birthday is June 4th!! And it’s my 70th!

    Always fought with my hair growing up. No one knew how to really cut it & there were NO products for curly hair! Wore it straight for many years. UNTIL…. you guessed it!! Innersense!! I don’t really have a favorite! The quiet calm & I create hold really makes my curls pop!!

  • Robin Shealey says:

    As a fine haired wavy, I’ve always thought I needed gel, until I found the Inner Peace Whipped Cream Tezturizer. It allows my texture to really show through, and cuts my drying time so much. I’m still figuring out the other products. I’m a June 10th Gemini!

  • Jennifer Jackson says:

    June 21st over here. Gemini/ cancer cusp, because Gemini isn’t self- conflicting enough 🙂
    Just switched to innersense a couple months ago and my hair has never looked better. I adore the I create volume and I create lift.

  • Stacie Lake says:

    My birthday is on June 6th! The Sweet Spirit Leave-in Conditioner is my favorite.

  • Mary Wegner says:

    June 9; quiet calm curl control is my favorite but I love all the products!

  • My gemini birthday is June 18th and my favorite product is I create hold!

  • Elisha P. says:

    My birthday is June 19th!☺️ I love the sweet spirit leave in conditioner! I can’t wait to try more products soon!!

  • I just stopped by to buy my birthday gift which is trying whatever I want for the first time. I just began MAP and I had been eyeing these products for a while now and MAP recommends many of the products. I have fine silver curly hair that was born on June 19th. Which is Juneteenth. And my precious grandfather shares your 12th birthday. ❤️

  • Tina says:

    My Gemini birthday is June 6, and my fav is the Inner Peace Whipped Creme Texturizer! 💞 I’ve been using Innersense for about 3 years now, it has repaired and nourished my hair like nothing else I’ve ever used.The artist that does my hair introduced me to Innersense and I love her for it.

  • Tina says:

    My Gemini birthday is June 6, and my fav is the Inner Peace Whipped Creme Texturizer! 💞 I’ve been using Innersense for about 3 years now, it has repaired and nourished my hair like nothing else I’ve ever used.The artist that does my hair, Anna from Midtown Curls introduced me to Innersense and I love her for it.

  • V Schiavone says:

    HI! difficult to choose just one product; i’d say I create Hold. My Birthday is June 1

  • Kelly says:

    May 29
    Inner Peace Creme Texturizer

  • June 17th Gemini!
    I have just received my first Innersense Trio, so I don’t have a favorite (YET!) but I am LOVING the Hydrate trio – and especially the Sweet Spirit Leave in Spray. Leave in products are something I have been struggling with, and this little bottle has been a MAGIC BULLET for the last two days!

  • Margaret says:

    My favorite so far is Sweet Spirit but am looking forward to trying more! June 20 is my birthday (and my daughter is June 18 for double Gemini power!)

  • Sam says:

    My birthday is May 22. Thanks for the chance.

  • Kristin Stuppy says:

    Entering on behalf of my husband, June 20th. He uses all the innersense products I buy but his favorite is I Create Hold for his curly hair.

  • Leslie says:

    May 23rd, and I love Quiet Calm Curl Control!

  • Tracy Davis says:

    It is June 2. Sweet Spirit Leave In Conditioner

  • Lisa says:

    My birthday is on June 15. I like I Create Volume!

  • Lisa G. says:

    My birthday is on June 15. I like I Create Volume! 🙂

  • Siobhan M Frain says:

    June 9th
    I’m new to Innersence but I would like to try the dry shampoo and products for wavy hair.

  • Shanna Martin says:

    June 16th and I’ve actually never tried Innersense. I’m always looking forproducts to make my hair look great, though!

  • Patty Cabello says:

    ❤️ Innersense Beuaty products! So glad I found you. My favorite is the Inner Peace Whipped Creme Texturizer. My birthday is May 24th.

  • Leah says:

    I love this ! My favourite product is the Innersense Hydrating Hair Masque. I have many sensitivities to chemicals and perfumes and I’m so glad that I’ve found Innersense. My birthday is May 26th.

  • Tracy R says:

    June 3rd! Just learning about your product and am excited to try!

  • Tiffany F says:

    Woohoo, Gemini Season!! My birthday is May 24th. Inner Peace Whipped Creme Texturizer is my fav!!

  • Deriana says:

    So hard to choose just one when they are all good products but I will say I Can’t live without my Innersense hydrating cream conditioner! My birthday is June 3

  • Amber Priolo says:

    I love the Color Radiance Conditioner! June 10th 🙂

  • Sarah crow says:

    The I create volume has changed my curls and given them new life! My birthday is June 20!

  • Sharon says:

    My birthday is on June 11 and I love the hydrate line. Thanks for making nourishing products for my hair!

  • Linda Ellis says:

    I am Pisces but my daughter in law is Gemini with her bday being May 25th. The Pure Harmony Hairbath sounds like a really great product.

  • Allie says:

    Yay for Gemini’s! My birthday is June 9th and I am just getting into Innersense. So far wanting to try the the I create hold and the refresh dry shampoo!

  • Meriah Harris says:

    My birthday is June 14 it’s finally my 21st 💕 got my hair done at capella salon by the curl doctor and they used your products my hair has never felt the same after using it I love them and don’t want to use anything else on my hair😍

  • Alyssa J says:

    June 13th birthday! The only Innersense product I’ve used so far is the Volumizing Foam. I absolutely love it! Very concentrated, so a little goes a long way on my fine, low density hair. I would live to try the I Create Hold gel and Harmony Hairbath.

  • Candace says:

    I’m a Gemini and would love some products! My bday is June 14th!

  • Emily Wheeler says:

    6/8, new to Innersense so yet to figure out a favorite, curl renew ordered 🙌🏻

  • Breanna says:

    My birthday is June5th. Never tried your products but I would love too!

  • Tyan says:

    My birthday was June 8th (and it was spent in the hospital with my husband having kidney stones 😩). I have been dying to try the I Create Lift foam!

  • Cara says:

    My birthday is June 17
    Products I use are hydrating cream conditioner, quiet calm curl control, and I create waves

  • Amy says:

    My birthday is June 10th. My fave product is I Create Volume!

  • My birthday is May 22 and my favorite Innersense hair product is the I Create Finish spray! I love it because it helps dry and hold my curls. I want to try the curl product from Innersense next but love that you have a giveaway for us Geminis!!! ♊️

    • Janice says:

      Yay Gemini’s!!! My Birthday is today June 12th!!! I was just introduced to the line and I can’t wait to try products for hydration especially with the summer coming!!

  • Kristine Cioffi says:

    Happy Birthday!!! My Gemini birthday is May 28. I am new to Innersense as my favorite products for my long, naturally curly hair have been discontinued. I am hoping Innersense is the solution, because I have been very unsatisfied over the past 3 months. My hair used to be gorgeous and now it is frizzy and “huge” rather than defined ringlets. I am looking forward to joining the Innersense family.

  • Happy Birthday to all my fellow Gemini’s. My Twin zodiac siblings 😋. I’m thanking God for allowing me to turn another year older thanking him for the many blessings he is bestowed upon my life I have baseball and joy your birthdays and if they have already passed I hope they have all been filled with happiness and all of your wishes are coming true’ i’m thanking God for allowing me to turn another year older, thanking him for the many blessings he has bestowed upon me in my life.
    I hope all of you enjoy your birthdays and if they have already passed I hope they have been filled with happiness and all of your wishes are coming true!!!!!

    My birthday is June 15th 🎂
    And to whoever receives this beautiful giveaway I truly hope that you enjoyed as much as I know I would!
    God Bless!

  • Wendy Pope says:

    I create volume is my favorite. My Gemini birthday is June 7th.

  • Allison Lee says:

    I LOVE Pure Harmony and Pure Inspiration for my fine hair! They leave my hair soft and silky with incredible volume (and smell heavenly too!) I’m a Gemini rockin’ June 19th birthday!

  • Ryah Renee says:

    My name is Ryah Renee and I am absolutely in L.O.V.E with the INNERSENSE-Hydrating Cream Hairbath. My birthday is May , 23 and it ‘‘twas my Golden year !

  • Shana Sweeney says:

    My birthday is June 1! Happy birthday to all the Gems! Dry shampoo is my fave. Good luck Gems ❤️

  • Sheila says:

    How can you choose just one?!
    🤔 I suppose the winner would be I Create Volume, but I’m looking forward to trying more!

    Bday is June 15th.

  • Elizabeth says:

    Sweet spirit leave in conditioner! June 19♊️❤️

  • Kate says:

    My birthday is May 28th and I love my quiet calm curl control and I create finish spray! Happy Birthday fellow Gemini’s! ✌🏻

  • Sandra says:

    I am a GEMINI, birthday June 16th, Always changing day to day, that’s why my favorite product is
    I CREATE HOLD, perfect for my ever changing hair style. With extremely fine hair, it is light but strong in all day hold.

  • Kimberly Wyns says:

    What a great article by Joanne. Very inspiring and uplifting!

  • Crystal says:

    I have been wanting so badly to try all of the products mentioned above! My birthday is June 20th.

  • Heather Harper says:

    June, 5…I love I CREATE FINISH to set my curly, but fine hair!

  • Jackie Morgan says:

    I adore my Color Radiance Conditioner! It make may hair so soft! 💖
    My birthday is June 16th
    Thank you!

  • Siera says:

    June 16, I love the I create volume

  • Cheroka says:

    I create volume is my fav that I have tried! My birthday is June 6!

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