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Certified Organic White Vinegar: A Staple for Shiny Hair

We’ve used white vinegar to cook, clean, garden and doctor ourselves for thousands of years. And at one point, we discovered vinegar makes our hair smooth and shiny. Here’s why we love this versatile staple as an essential ingredient in our products:

A product of fermentation (historically, think: sugar beets, potatoes, molasses or milk), the acetic acid level of white vinegar makes it an incredible clarifier for the hair. Clarified hair is stripped of build up, residue and environmental pollutants; it’s this weightlessness of liberated hair that makes vinegar rinses so popular as DIY remedies. White vinegar goes a step further, too. It helps to increase shine, balance pH and reduce frizz and hair porosity. And lowering the pH of hair may even help in strengthening it. As a bonus, vinegar is hailed as a hero ingredient against scalp irritation and itchiness.

We utilize Certified Organic White Vinegar additionally as a gentle cleanser to wash build up away without stripping hair of natural oils. This leaves hair clean and healthy while still feeling soft and touchable.

Our Certified Organic white vinegar is derived from organic apples.

You’ll find Certified Organic White Vinegar in Detox Hair Mask.

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