Blurring The Curly Hair Lines: A Salon Chat with Laura McGraw

Texas is known for big hair, but there’s a salon near Houston known for big curly hair love. Laura McGraw Hair Studio is a haven where women (Sorry, no guys allowed!) are encouraged to embrace their crown and glory, from wavy/swavy all the way to the “tightest little precious coils.”

When we learned Laura calls three or more curls “a group hug,” we wanted to know what motivates her as a stylist, an artist and a freer of curls. “Since becoming a curl specialist, my clientele has become so incredibly diverse I could not be happier,” she says. “Let’s blur the lines one curl at a time.”

Innersense: Why are organic products important to you?

LauraM2Laura: Becoming consciously aware of the ingredients that I use or the food that I eat is a fairly new concept for me. My husband and I have had a clean, toxin free and organic garden for years but what about the products that we must purchase? By using Innersense Organic Beauty products on my clients for healthier results, it has caused me to question the ingredients I come in contact with on a day to day basis. Why are the toxic chemicals that are consistently used in our products necessary? What advancements can be made to encourage major manufacturers to look into cleaner, less toxic ingredients?

Innersense: How does using organic beauty products and natural ingredients changed your hair, skin, and mentality as a stylist?

Laura: Using organic beauty products has truly changed my way of thinking as a stylist.  It used to be that stylists would use products no matter the toxicity cost to them. With the dawning of the Brazilian-type smoothing systems, I began to question what the beauty industry was saying about our health not mattering. The toxins we were imposing on our clients and ourselves as stylists were sure to have severe health repercussions if we continue on this path. After realizing the importance of natural ingredients, I can feel confidant that my client’s hair can be healthy and beautiful.

Innersense: What is your favorite Innersense product and why?

Laura: Do I have to pick just one….? I would have to say Sweet Spirit Leave In Conditioner. It is a great product for increasing the hydration level in hair. My favorite way to use it is as a curl rejuvenator on Day Two. It can be misted all over or sprayed on specific rogue curls to reset the cast and hydrate the hair at the same time. I like to joke and say that it smells like a good lookin’ man.

13243957_10153509994157611_3574166363007147268_oInnersense: What advice do you have for wavy/curly girls?

Laura: Oh how I love my curly girls! My emphasis on taking a healthier, more organic approach to caring for curls starts with education. By educating my clients about what is really in their products, curly girls will see beautiful results. The elimination of sulphates, silicones, toxins, etc, will drastically increase hydration level, thus allowing for better curl formations with less frizz.

Innersense: What is your advice for keeping hair healthy this summer?

Laura: Summertime can be so harsh on hair. Whether you are poolside or at the beach, it is important to keep your hair and skin protected. Wetting your hair and then filling it with your favorite leave in conditioner before splash time will help prevent chlorine from invading the hair. And, one step further, make sure to rinse chlorine from your hair and skin afterwards. The damage is done once chlorine is allowed to dry in your hair.


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