How To Create Easy Summer Bun + Braid Styles

How To Create Easy Summer Bun + Braid Styles

It's officially summertime. Temps are rising, vacations are in full-swing and your hair is ready for a refresh. Celebrate the season by trying a new style, like next-level buns and braids. These totally DIY updos are the coolest way to get your hair out of your face during the hottest time of the year. If you've ever been intimidated by anything more advanced than a simple ponytail, we've got you.

Pro Stylist Shayne Uphold, of The Dewi in Bakersfield, California, hosted an Innersense virtual class on how to create two easy messy buns and one beautiful boho braid from the comfort of your own home. In case you didn't catch it, we've got the full class linked here. Check out some of Shayne's best tips, tricks and products to use during this summery styling session.


Shayne's go-to updos start with her favorite Innersense prep products' because it's all about getting your hair ready to reach new heights. Each of her looks from the class has a foundation of an inverted ponytail, a small detail that levels up any style. Watch as Shayne twists her pony into knots one by one right before your eyes. The result? A majorly impressive messy bun in minutes.


Another bun born from a ponytail, this half-pulled-through pony forms the bubble of Shayne's bun. Using the leftover hair, she twists, wraps, pins and expands it's as simple as that. PSA: elastics and pins are your best friends for finishing these hairstyles. She even shows off how a scrunchy with a bow elevates the bun in just one step.


The class's grand finale is all about a big braid. Once again, a series of approachable ponytails is the basis of the style. Shayne shows off exactly how to interweave them to form the prettiest plait. Repetition and succession are key to nailing this one, so once you've got the hang of it, just keep going from top to bottom.

Ready to give these buns and braids a try? Grab your favorite Innersense products, plenty of pins, and go for it. Watch the video tutorial here.