Who Doesn’t Want Beautiful Curls? A Salon Chat with Kelly Elaine Inc.

When it comes to curls, to each her own. Every ringlet, wave, swave or kink is unique to every woman. That’s why guests at Kelly Elaine Inc. in Pittsburgh, PA, receive Custom Curl Care Recommendations with every Custom Cut and Styling Lesson.

“Knowing which products to use and how to apply them to reproduce their frizz free curl style at home lets them leave empowered to care for their own curls,” says Kelly Anker, owner. “Healthy curls = beautiful curls… who doesn’t want that?” We talked to her about that empowerment, beautiful curls and the role Innersense plays in her salon.

Innersense: Why are organic products important to you?

Team Kelly Elaine: Organic products are important to us as a specialty curly hair salon. That philosophy means we use hair care products that are water soluble as well as free of silicones, parabens and sulfates and rich with natural plant emollients, oils and botanicals.

The beauty products you choose touch your body and nourish your skin fro20160131_200050112_iOSm the outside in. During our Innersense product knowledge classes, we learned that pores on our scalp are 3 to 4 times larger than anywhere else on our bodies. Whatever we wash our skin and hair with is being absorbed into our systems faster than if we would ingest it internally.

There are toxins in our environment that are unavoidable; Kelly Elaine Inc., along with Innersense Organics provides a healthy alternative to what is readily available in the beauty industry for people who want to live healthier lifestyles. Once you keep using truly organic hair care products, your curls will achieve maximum hydration from plant based ingredients, the frizz will diminish and curl definition will be extraordinary!  Organic products will ultimately make your curls healthier in the long run.

Innersense: How has using organic beauty products and natural ingredients changed your hair, skin, and mentality as a stylist?

Team Kelly Elaine: One word: Confidence!  When guests walk in, they are drawn to the Innersense line. They not only see the changes being made in the salon, they smell the changes. I love when I see even the most critical organic user pick up a bottle, read the ingredients and smile after taking a whiff! I am proud to have a guest investigate the ingredient list and when they ask about the ingredient sources, I feel confident explaining the purity and quality of the sources Innersense uses.  This confidence, this health, this invigoration, and this excitement is reflected in the Innersense products and business, which in turn reflects in the Kelly Elaine Inc. team, and continues through to our guests.

Innersense: How do you apply your values in your work environment and with your clients?

Team Kelly Elaine: Education, Education, Education!  We seek out specialized training with groups such as Curly Hair Artistry and high quality hair care lines. Curly Hair Artistry is a global group of curly hair specialist that are bringing curly hair education and awareness to a whole new level around the world. Kelly is a core team leadership member and educator of Curly Hair Artistry, Victoria is also a participating member.  We invest in education in order to feel even more confident recommending specific products to guests based on their needs, lifestyles and goals.

Our goal is that our guests leave feeling as confident, healthy, and empowered as we do to care for their curls – and spread the curl positivity to others around them!

Innersense: What is your favorite Innersense Organic Beauty product and why?  

Kelly: You expect me to choose one? Seriously, I’ve tried every single one and really love all of them for different reasons. Our frequent guests are all Innersense converts and are “sense-obsessed” with specific products. I’d have to say my favorite is the Color Awakening Hairbath because of the shine and volume it creates for my curls.

Victoria: The I Create Hold styling gel is crazy amazing and ridiculously versatile! It provides hold for all varieties of curl textures. Our guests notice the shine and definition their curls experience when using I Create Hold.


  • Rebecca Mazzaro says:

    What products do you recommend for wavy color treated medium hair? I’m looking for more curl and hydration.

    • Megan Krieg says:

      Hi Rebecca,
      Products I would recommend for your specific hair type that will bring more curl and hydration: I would use the Color Hairbath and Conditioner along with out Sweet Spirit Leave In Conditioner after every wash. If you think you need a little extra moisture I would add in our Hydrating Hair Mask to use once or twice a week. Since your hair is wavy and medium textured, I would recommend using lighter styling products to not weigh down your hair. I would use the I Create Lift or I Create Waves enhance your natural hair. For a more structured curl I would use in order and apply from roots to ends: I Create Volume, I Create Lift, then I Create Finish. Be sure to scrunch and add water as needed. You can also head over to our Instagram or Facebook page where we have pictures and product application steps. Hope this helps! Sending you lots of hair love!

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