Beat the Heat! 6 Summer Hair Tips

Summer is officially here! While we love our fun in the sun, all that wind, heat and water can make hair brittle, thirsty and lifeless. We talked to a few of our pros – and mined our Innersense tribe – for these 6 summer hair tips with Innersense Organic Beauty.

Find Sweet Spirit at Hand and Land in Leawood, Kansas.

Dry, Desert Air? Condition, Condition, Condition! 

“We always suggest our clients leave their conditioner in for a few extra minutes to give it that time to penetrate. Then of course, using a leave in conditioner is key as well. Sweet Spirit Leave-In Conditioner is our best friend here in Arizona! ~ Melissa, The Green Spot








Hydration: Made in the Spray

Ally says she can’t live without our Color Radiance conditioner.

“My fine, naturally curly/color treated hair takes a beating, so I only wash a few times a week. I created my own curl refresh/conditioner with a little bit of Color Radiance Conditioner mixed with water in a continuous spray bottle I keep out on my bathroom counter. To refresh my curls Day Two and Day Three, and often throughout the day, I just spritz and scrunch. My hair gets an extra dose of moisture and protection and my curls spring back to life.” ~ Elizabeth, Innersense Organic Beauty







Harmonic Healing Oil is a luxurious elixir that soothes scalp, skin and hair.

Treat Yourself to a DIY Masque

“Add Harmonic Healing Oil to the new Hydrating Conditioner and sit in the sun for a deep condition. Rinse after your time out! “ ~ Kelly Elaine, Kelly Elaine A Curly Hair Salon









Fight Summer Frizz with Calm! 

A gorgeous head of curls, loved entirely with Innersense, at Moisture Salon.

Quiet Calm Curl Control is a great frizz controller for the summer months. Apply a small amount (after conditioner) in a gliding motion to lay the flyaways down. Top it with I Create Hold; this will help manage frizz.” ~ Ron Suriano, Moisture Salon








“Let me introduce you to the ‘magic’ of Harmonic Healing Oil!” ~ Rachel

Take a Spa Day! 

“After a week of fun in the sun, it’s nice to take a little time for your hair and skin. Harmonic Healing Oil is the perfect product for both. After a relaxing bath or shower, apply HHO to your skin before toweling off. It will soothe and smooth your cares away and benefit any irritation dryness and calm your spirit.

For your hair, massage Harmonic Healing Oil into your scalp and hair, then wrap in a warm towel. Relax for a while before cleansing and conditioning with Hydrating Hairbath and Cream Conditioner.” ~ Kristen King, Ringlets and Roots





Weightless, wonderful magic on coarse and thirsty hair!

Once a Week Treat

“Our Hydrating Hairbath and Conditioner are big hits, and I absolutely love the use of sage in my morning hair ceremony. But for my medium/fine textured hair, it can be a bit too much on a daily basis. I’ve discovered that a once a week treatment of Hydrating Hairbath and Conditioner is the perfect balance to my regular use of Color Awakening and Color Radiance Hairbath and Conditioner. My hair is full, hydrated and extra shiny with this weekly boost of hydration!” ~ Joanne Starkman, cofounder, Innersense Organic Beauty



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