Artificial Fragrance

Why We Don’t Love It: Artificial Fragrance

Innersense Organic Beauty is known for the fresh, calming, invigorating and grounding fragrances of its products. We believe Mother Nature is the creator of the most beautiful bouquets, so you’ll never find chemically enhanced or artificial fragrances in our formulas. Be cautious, however, the big beauty industry often uses the term “fragrance” as an umbrella label to hide potentially toxic ingredients.

You’ll find “Perfume of Natural Oils” in our ingredient decks. This denotes a combination of natural oils that make up the fragrance of that product. In some products, this might be a combination of citrus oils, in others perhaps a combination of lavender and sage, for example. This will vary based on availability and seasonality of each oil. The term “Perfume of Natural Oils” is EU compliant; this enables us to make minor changes without having to reprint labels every time we batch. As EU compliant standards are much stricter than US standards, rest assured our gorgeous bouquets are designed by Mother Nature, and not in a laboratory.


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