Abloom Salon in Phoenix

Art and Holistic Hair Inspire at Abloom

What happens when you combine your love of holistic hair with your love of art? You get Abloom Salon + Gallery in Phoenix, Arizona. A holistic place of beauty where art happens: On the walls, and in the hair. We spoke to Alejandra Martinez, owner of the stylistic space about her go-tos, being a Clean Air salon, and hydration tips for those scorching Arizona summers.

Swoon-worthy textured layers by Meredith at Abloom Holistic Salon.

As a holistic salon , describe the vibe of Abloom in 5 words: Earthy, Clean, Creative, Unique and Nurturing.

What is “ABloom Hair?” The style at Abloom always mimics our seasons and nature. Abloom hair is beautifully balayaged, healthy, classic, natural. It’s fantasy tones and fashion tones, and above all tailored to suit the lifestyle and taste of each of our clients.

A work of art: Modern bangs and piecey texture by Alejandra at Abloom Holistic Salon.

What’s your go-to-ingredient? Here in the Southwest, I always remind everyone to drink water! Nutrition will always be my first answer to dry scalp and hair, second will be aloe vera gel. It is the most important ingredient that we both recommend and use. We sell it in a 4oz glass bottle and refill them for clients. We use aloe as a scalp treatment with the addition of rosemary essential oil. It helps to hydrate and balance the ph of the scalp, and as aloe is anti-bacterial, it soothes the scalp if it is irritated from the sun.

Dry air. Chlorine. Heat. Can you share any tips to protect tresses during the Arizona summers? I recommend my clients use aloe vera right before swimming in chlorine water: Wet hair with water and apply aloe directly onto your damp hair. If your hair is long enough, braid it while damp, that way the hair is protected from chlorine and sun.

Art + style meet at Abloom Holistic Salon in Phoenix.

Another product we can’t live without is Sweet Spirit Leave-In Conditioner! It is full of aloe, cold pressed oils, essential oils and so much more. It’s like a lotion for your hair, a daily moisturizer that is lightweight enough for even the finest hair types.

By Alejandra: Curly hair is a work of art at Abloom Holistic Salon in Phoenix.

What’s your favorite “go to” style for a night out? Depending on where the night out is and who is going, what I’m wearing makes a big difference to me. The look can range from a trendy braid up style to a classic blowout with a deep side part.

On trend color and shine by Meredith at Abloom Holistic Salon.

Why is an organic line like Innersense Organic Beauty important to you as a stylist and holistic hair salon owner? THEY WORK!  I am able to offer a professional hair care line to our clients that meet all of our green beauty standards while meeting the needs and demands of our salon professionals. Innersense Organic beauty products are making ripples in the hair world and they are influencing people as a whole to make more responsible choices when it comes to what we put on our hair and body.

Greg and Joanne Starkman have always made me feeled valued. It may not mean very much to some people, but in a world where one can often feel like a number, forming relationship with people who we do business with will always make all the difference! Cheers to Innersense Organic beauty and the salons who support them! We are the change makers!

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