Are You Awakening Your Innersense Products?

Did you know that our formulas are richly concentrated? This is because each one is made to deliver the highest quality ingredients in their purest form. In order to get the most out of your Innersense assortment, our biggest tip is to “awaken” the products, especially our Hairbaths. So…what is “awakening” and how do you do it?

Awakening is a method that involves warming a small amount of product between your palms. Take any Hairbath, for instance. First, start by dispensing a small amount of product into your hands — a little goes a long way and you can always add more if needed. Work the formula between your hands and watch as it expands. You’ll notice that the amount you started with is suddenly enough to cover all of your hair. 

Next, it’s super important to apply our Hairbaths and Conditioners to soaking wet hair. So, drench your strands for the perfect canvas. Then, apply your products in their correct order, starting with Hairbath and moving onto Conditioner. Check out our video on how to best layer your Innersense regimen here

Awakening is a simple but crucial step that guarantees a great experience. You’ll find that you’re using less product and getting the best benefits during each wash. You can also awaken our treatment and styling lineup in the same way that you would our Hairbaths. It’s a nice and effective way to turn your hair routine into an uplifting ritual. We created a handy video to show you exactly how it’s done. Press play below to see awakening in action. 

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