Angelica Root Extract

The Healing Root for Your Roots

Folklore has it Angelica Archangelica Root Extract gets its name from Micheal the Archangel, as the root was sent to earth to cure the plague. Since Viking times, the bitter, aromatic herb has been used medicinally; even Native American tribes relied on it as an anti-inflammatory, an antispasmodic and a pain reliever. The biennial herb can grow up to six feet tall, with greenish white flowers in saucer-sized umbels. Here’s why we love this striking plant as an essential ingredient:

With a long history of folk use, Angelica Root is storied to treat skin irritation, stress and tension disorders and digestive issues, as well as increase circulation and calm colds. It’s also an herb relied on by women, to encourage childbirth, regulate cycles and more. As an ingredient in our clean, pure and beautiful haircare, angelica serves as an anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial. It also acts to boost circulation of the scalp, which means healthier hair.

Angelica Root Extract is obtained by macerating the root of the plant. This gentle, traditional European method doesn’t damage plant components. Angelica grows in temperate regions such as Western Europe, the Himalayas and Siberia.

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