Amethyst Crystal: Energy From Mother Earth

I’ve studied and worked with stones and crystals for years; I’ve always wanted to incorporate them into our product line. In developing I Create Waves, I was thrilled to infuse amethyst crystal powder into the formulation. Crystals are an amazing gift from Mother Earth. Here’s why I love them:

From the Crust, Crystals

Crystals are the most stable matter in the universe. Formed in the earth’s crust over millions of years of high pressure and heat, they are objects of tremendous energy. Ancient cultures used them for healing as these highly charged objects of Mother Earth conduct large amounts of energy. Crystals are alive; like everything else in the universe, they work with the human energy field and are able to diffuse, move and absorb or shift energy in the body. It’s why we’ve worn them in jewelry for eons.

Energy Patterns

Crystals are used commonly in technology. Quartz maintains a precise frequency standard, which regulates watches and clocks.  I believe our body is just energy that shows up in different density and patterns. Our thoughts and emotions are connected to our physical body, and when these patterns of energy work in a balanced way we experience optimum health. When these energy patterns are disrupted, we can experience low energy, which can lead to poor health. But like a beautiful watch, we’re technological beings, too. And I believe crystals can help us maintain our own frequency standard.

But like a beautiful watch, we’re technological beings, too. And I believe crystals can help us maintain our own frequency standard.

Crystals support energy patterns and operate by naturally focusing and magnifying the body’s innate frequencies which dissipate and equalize mental, emotional and psychic stress. They alleviate suppressed or unreleased pain, and help us make desired shifts in every aspect of our life. And they’re easy to insert into our lives. Crystals can be worn as jewelry, or simply placed in a pocket. I like to keep one under my pillow and have many set on my nightstand. Try them in bath water, in your mediation practice and to counteract environmental pollution at home and work.

High Vibes

Each crystal has its own unique resonance and vibrational properties. I chose to enliven I Create Waves with amethyst as it is the stone of spirituality and intuition. Amethyst promotes stability, strength and inner peace. It’s a great stone for mediation and enhancing our intuition and psychic abilities. This beautiful purple crystal creates calming and peaceful energy. It enhances clarity and conscious perception. It can help with calming the mind, reducing stress and gives a general sense of wellbeing.

Amethyst is perfect for I Create Waves as it connects us to the third eye and the crown chakra. I use it in my daily hair ceremony and visualize those beautiful purple amethyst crystal particles bathing my crown chakra. I can feel the high vibration as the soft mist falls upon my hair. I Create Waves supports my clarity and it creates the most amazing texture and body for my hair.

I can’t wait for you to try I Create Waves! I look forward to hearing how the amethyst crystal power works for you in your beauty practice. Wishing you lots of hair love ~ Joanne Starkman, founder

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