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A Styling Cream is Born: Quiet Calm Soothes All Hair Types

It was many years ago when Morgan was a wee one toddling around our home. We noticed her thick, curly locks happily bouncing as she played with her toys or our dogs. But when her hair began drying up and changing, I realized the product we’d been using on those beautiful curls were in fact damaging them. Here’s how our beloved styling cream, Quiet Calm Curl Control, was born and how this versatile formula works on all types of hair.

A Child (And a Styling Cream!) Is Born

As a stylist, I loved playing with Morgan’s growing mane. The latest and greatest product at the time was one widely used and meant to be applied to wet or dry hair to add shine. I found that it was the perfect product to detangle her curls. I would apply it after I shampooed and conditioned, combing it through her hair, leaving it in. I thought I had found the perfect product to detangle, keeping her hair perfectly styled. Over just a few short weeks I noticed Morgan’s hair became dry and brittle, lacking luster becoming extremely hard to comb. I couldn’t figure out what happened to those perfect curls.

The only thing I knew to do was to research. I quickly found out why Morgan’s hair was drying up. That “perfect product” was loaded with silicone and plastics. It gave the hair slip and shine yet it totally coated the hair shaft over a period of time and suffocated the surface not allowing any nutrients and hydration to penetrate. I could no longer consciously use this product on my sweet little girl’s curls. Inspiration struck and a new styling cream was born!  Quiet Calm Curl Control was specially crafted to define Morgan’s curls, eliminate frizz and detangle her textured hair.

A bouquet of Frangipani brings calm to your senses.

Developed with Cleaner Than Clean Ingredients

To calm Morgan’s curls, we sought out high quality ingredients like Certified Organic Shea Butter for setting and hydrating. Hydration is key for hair, especially curly hair, which tends to be thirstier. Because we all need more quiet calm in our life, we chose a bouquet of Certified Organic Orange Flower Oil and Frangipani Extract, which helps create a feeling of peace. Quiet Calm Curl Control was developed for Morgan’s curly locks, but this styling cream is a winner for all hair types! Here’s how to make the most of this incredibly nourishing styler according to your hair type.

How to Use Quiet Calm. The Basics

For basic application, we suggest starting with a nickel-to-quarter size amount and emulsifying in your hands with a little bit of water. Apply with your fingertips through damp hair. I also use Quiet Calm on dry styles; take a pea sized amount and use “prayer hands” in sections over the top of your hair to give extra shine hydration and smooth down flyaways.

How to use Quiet Calm on Curly Hair

Start with a dime sized amount, apply from root to ends on a quarter section of hair, repeat to evenly distribute through. Finger rake or pick and continue to apply as needed. Quiet Calm can be used wet or dry on curlies; our texture tribe typically applies this styling cream on super wet hair in the shower. Click here to see how Abloom Salon in Phoenix uses Quiet Calm! And in case you missed it, Oprah Magazine recently named Quiet Calm a go-to for curly hair! 

How to use Quiet Calm on Wavy Hair

Apply a dime sized amount on a half section of hair and repeat on second section. Finger rake or pick through. Smooth over top using “prayer hands.” On wavy hair, this styling cream can be used on wet hair similar to the curly application described above, or on dry hair to tame flyaways.

Happy curls with Quiet Calm Curl Control by Abloom Salon, Phoenix.

How to use Quiet Calm on Straight Hair

Use Quiet Calm to prepare hair when blow drying smooth. Apply a dime sized amount to wet hair, mid shaft to ends, gently working the product into the hair. Then blow dry as usual. When your hair is dry you should experience soft, hydrated manageability.

We are often asked if we have a thermal protectant.  Most thermal protectants have silicone in them, which coat the hair and further dry it in conjunction with heat. Think of Quiet Calm in terms of a styling cream with hydration. I always recommend it when blow drying and/or curling or flat ironing hair.

Discover Your Level of Calm: Experiment!

Quiet Calm Curl Control is a lightweight styling cream that adds hydration without the weight. Play around with the amount. If you feel your hair is weighed down, too much was used. Less is always more with our product line.

Quite Calm is a leave-in styling cream for most types of hair. Greg and I developed it with Morgan’s curls in mind but over the years, (Morgan is 22 now!) we’ve heard from from our tribe again and again they cannot get enough. We hope you feel the same way and are looking forward to hearing exactly how you use our beloved Quiet Calm! With Peace & Gratitude ~ Joanne








  • Lana La Plante says:

    For the first time in my 73 Years, I have curly hair without frizz. I love my hair now. Thank you for developing this product.

    • Innersense Tribe says:

      It’s a joy to read about your experience with Quiet Calm Curl Control, Lana! As our Founder Joanne Starkman says, love your hair, love yourself. We’re so happy you found the beauty of Quiet Calm Curl Control for your locks!

  • Ellyn says:

    Would love to try a small sample before i purchase quiet calm. I am a major curly girl and have been using Deva for over 10 years. Thank you very much.

    • Innersense Tribe says:

      Hi Ellyn,

      Quiet Calm Curl Control is available for purchase in our 2oz travel size, perfect for a test drive. Thank you!

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