A Personal Sacred Hair Balancing Ceremony at Innersense Organic Beauty

Take a journey to explore the Innersense Organic Beauty sacred hair balancing ceremony with Joanne Starkman, Founder of Innersense Organic Beauty, along with Kit Koelzer, Innersense Organic Beauty’s summer marketing intern.  They share their unique perspective about experiences with Innersense Organic Beauty.

We invite you to read Joanne’s insight first and discover the heart of Innersense Organic Beauty.

As a stylist for twenty-five years, I have always believed in the connection among hair, mind and spirit. I have also become much more holistic in my approach to my hair practice. A few years ago I was introduced to the concept of “hair balancing,” something I had never heard of, but which made so much sense to me on a number of levels. Hair Balancing is a holistic approach to hair care that’s based on sacred geometry. The process results in thicker, healthier hair, that promotes hair growth and manageability. I like to say it’s similar to pruning a rose bush in order to produce more roses.

I am very much in favor of looking closely at the relationship my clients have with their hair. During an initial consultation, the first question I always ask is “when was the last time you loved your hair?”  This is very important because it invites my clients to remember and feel a time when they were in a great relationship with their hair. (Have you ever experienced “hair trauma?” Not a great memory!) Although I think I’m extremely intuitive and can often see one’s “best” hair, it’s important to encourage each and every client to arrive at their own place of “hair love.” So, what if their hair is not even close to their desired ideal? The quickest way to get  them there is through intention. At the end of every consultation process, I always try to help my clients/beauty guests to set an intention for their session. A whole new experience for most of them, but an incredibly productive way to get the best results.

– Joanne

Read Kit’s perspective with her first personal sacred hair balancing ceremony at Innersense Organic Beauty.
Kits Personal Experience

Dry, frail, and damaged. This is how I would describe my hair about a month ago, after years of coloring it, straightening it, and using chemically ridden hair products. Reading shampoo labels was something entirely foreign to me at the time. Sure, I occasionally looked at nutrition labels on foods at the grocery store, but carefully reading the hair care product labels seemed unnecessary and kind of confusing, as I couldn’t pronounce most of the ingredients. I had tried just about every product on the market, from de-frizzing serums to volumizing mousses, and had accepted that I would likely be living the rest of my life with noticeably damaged hair. This was before I was introduced to Innersense.

Getting my hair cut has always made me anxious. I’ve seemed to have been in the mindset that getting a haircut meant parting ways with my long hair—the thing I’ve worked so hard to grow and maintain. It wasn’t until Joanne introduced me to the concept of “Hair Balancing” that I began to look at this experience in a different light. I met with Joanne knowing absolutely nothing about this ritualistic experience, and left with a completely new perspective about what a haircut should be (not to mention the best haircut I’ve ever gotten.)

Before Joanne started working her magic with the scissors, she asked me several questions about my hair, including what I like and what I don’t like about it.  And, she asked the very question, “when was the last time I truly loved it?”  This provoked some thought, and  forced me to think about my hair and me as “teammates.”  I concluded that if I put in the effort, my hair would reward me with manageability and ease. Joanne asked me to set an “intention” for my hair. I thought about all the battles I’ve faced with my hair over the years, and all the times I wished my hair was thicker, blonder, or longer. Joanne helped me come to terms with the concept of “self-love,” something we would both hope to achieve by the end of our session. This intention became a reality when I first saw my “balanced hair.” I walked out of her salon truly in love with the result of my experience, and emerged with an entirely new perspective about my relationship with my hair. Everyone should have this enlightening experience.

As you can imagine, I was skeptical of the notion that a product could completely transform the way my hair looked and felt, as I had been told a similar story several times before purchasing a hair product, and had been disappointed every time. Two weeks is all it took! My skepticism completely vanished after using Innersense’s Color Awakening Hairbath and Color Radiance Conditioner. I AM SERIOUS! My hair was (AND IS!) the healthiest it has ever been. I knew there are natural and organic ingredients in the products, but I didn’t know the shampoo and conditioner I was using came from ingredients like oranges, cucumbers, and honey. What I was using to wash my hair came from the same ingredients I used to sweeten my tea in the morning, eat as an afternoon snack before heading to the gym, and add to my salad for dinner. Innersense did so much more than make my hair feel luscious and naturally beautiful—it completely changed my perception of what a shampoo is supposed to do. The reason it took two weeks is that’s how long it takes for your hair to DETOX from damage caused by the unnatural, synthetic ingredients I had been feeding it. Now, it makes total sense. It’s Innersense. Just try it for two weeks and you’ll see. I promise!


If you would like additional information about the Art of Hair Balancing, contact Joanne at [email protected].

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A Personal Sacred Hair Balancing Ceremony at Innersense Organic Beauty