7 Ways to Jumpstart Your Salon Facebook Page Now 

A few years ago, Lauren from Soul Connection Media took our social media up several notches. As a way to support your salon, we’re delighted to feature a guest blog post from Lauren. As always, thank you for your support and being part of our valued community. We appreciate you! ~ In gratitude, Greg and Joanne

Facebook remains the most popular social media platform where people spend 50 minutes each day.  It’s a place where you likely already spend time, too.  Not only is a Facebook business page today’s calling card, it presents an opportunity to build and maintain rapport with existing and new beauty guests.  As a bonus, having a regularly maintained Facebook business page increases search results for your salon in Google and other search engines. Why not be there?

Here are seven quick wins you can easily implement to get your salon Facebook page on its way to tip-top shape today:

1. Be Complete.  

Click on your Profile Photo and Cover Page Photo to add a description.  Include your salon contact details such as phone number, website and booking link.  The easier you make to find your contact information in as many places as possible is a win for prospective and existing beauty guests!  They don’t have to dig around to figure out how to reach you.  Cover all your bases by reviewing your ‘About’ section and making sure all relevant information is included, especially using key words in the ‘Story’ section which directly correlates to being found in Google and other search engines.

2.  Get Personal. 

Because engagement drives reach on Facebook, give lots of love to your fans! Managing these key relationships puts the ‘social’ in social media.  Always reply to their comments in some way, and ‘like’ those same comments, too.  Every time a fan ‘likes’ or comments on your page, the action populates within Facebook to help your fans’ friends see that same post in their Newsfeed. Nurture those relationships and your special TLC handling will pay off in dividends!

Plus, don’t forget to personalize your vanity URL by editing the Username field on the ‘About’ section on your Facebook page.

3. Introduce Yourself: Pin Post. 

Building rapport in social media goes a long way.  Take a moment to introduce yourself and your salon in a post.  Include pertinent contact information and make it relatable by including something personal, too.

Now you’re ready to pin the post to the top of your business Timeline.  There’s a handy drop-down arrow located in the upper right-hand side of every post. Click it to access the drop-down menu and select, ‘Pin to Top of Page.’

Voila!  Now you have a dedicated post, which serves as your first impression for new visitors.

4. Be Mobile Friendly.  

Facebook always keeps us on our toes and Cover Page Photo dimensions for desktop and mobile views are no exception.  They are different sizes!  It’s important to be mindful when creating your Cover Page Photo as over 55% of Facebook users now access this platform solely from a mobile device.  You want pertinent content on your Cover Page Photo to be legible and not cut off.   Make it easy on yourself and use Canva.com, which offers a free, pre-formatted Facebook Cover Page Photo template.

Keep key information readable by centering it, as mobile view isn’t as wide. Plus, Facebook will automatically put your business name on the bottom of your Cover Page Photo in mobile view, so keep that in mind.

Check your work by accessing your Facebook page on a mobile device after you’ve updated your Cover Page. Ensure it looks just like you intended!  And, sometimes there’s just some trade-offs to be had if you can’t fit your content within the mobile format.  Do your best and make sure the most relevant information is legible.

5. #GetYourHashtagOn

A hashtag is a string of words, no spaces, punctuation marks or other funny stuff–preceded by the # (number or “hash”) sign.  This creates a searchable string of letters that get propagated through the social media sphere.

Using hashtags can be a way to expand your Facebook reach. A user can place a hash-tagged word in the Facebook search bar and filter by Posts to see whom else is using the same hashtags. The results are not limited to people you know, so when someone does this and finds your hashtag, you conceivably just found another fan or potential client!

Here’s sampling of a few hashtags you can choose from to get started: #nameofyoursalon, #yourcity, #stylist, #hairstylist, #innersenseorganicbeauty, #innersensetribe, #greenbeauty, #crueltyfree, #nongmo and #organichair.

Two is the optimal number of hashtags to use per post from studies on this subject matter for Facebook.

6. Vary Your Content.

Keep your page fresh and interesting by rotating different types of content.  Here are ideas to help create your ideal sequence:

  • Make a Compelling Offer.  Product discounts, gift card promotion or a discount for Facebook users.  Kelly Elaine, Inc., a curly hair salon and such does a fabulous job with consistent monthly product offers using Facebook. Be sure to visit her page and check out her posts.
  • Be Inspiring.  Share a quote.  Find your favorites at BrainyQuote.com or Goodreads.com and create your own branded Facebook posts on Canva.com
  • Sharing is Caring.  Share testimonials and kind words from your beauty guests!
  • Shine Your Own Light. Feature your salon, stylists and mascots (dogs anyone?).
  • How do I . . . ?  Answer common hair care questions and turn them into posts for Tuesday Trivia. Topics may include hair care education, product application and use, how-to styles or how-to use favorite styling tools.

7. Keep It Real. Manage Your Time. 

I’m pretty sure anyone with a Facebook account has been distracted and ended up spending too much time on the number one social media platform.  The key is managing your time while you’re there!  Check out these practical ways to keep on task:

  • Set a Timeframe.  Designate a specific amount of time aside for Facebook management.  Stick to this amount of time.
  • Make a Date. Schedule weekly this specific amount of time on your calendar.
  • Go for the Goal.  Make a list of your Facebook goals, such as responding to notifications, scheduling a certain number of posts and reviewing your business page Newsfeed to comment on and like posts.
  • Be Accountable. Set your timer. Periodically check to stay on task and complete your goals!  Stop and close Facebook when the timer gives you the signal.
  • Put the Facebook Scheduler to Good Use.  The Facebook Scheduler is the very best post management tool.  It’s simple, convenient and allows you to capture all of your statistics about posts, which can be viewed by clicking on Insights.  There are lots of third-party schedulers, however, the one major drawback:  Facebook won’t capture statistics if you use them for Facebook.

There are many more steps you can take to maximize exposure for your salon.  If you want to learn more, Greg, Joanne and I collaborated to bring you a convenient online class, Facebook Made easy for Salon Owners & Stylists: Inspiration, Confidence + Ease for Your Business. It has step-by-step guidance plus a dedicated space to ask your individual Facebook business page questions and course content to equip you with all the tools ands savvy know-how for Facebook page success, whether you’re creating a brand new Facebook page or refreshing your existing page to ensure you’ve covered all the details.  Use code INNERSENSE to save $20 on registration, too!  Class starts May 15thClick here to learn more. 

Are you ready to get your social on? Let me know how these 7 jumpstart tips work for you. See you online!

Warmly, Lauren

Chief Connector at Soul Connection Media  


  • Nowadays facebook page is something which is actually very necessary in order to grow and market your business over the web but seldom it happens that one needs a role model to create an enticing facebook page.

  • Sophia says:

    Hi there! Can you explain how to hide the likes on a fan page? I’ve been searching and searching for the answer, with no success. Please tell me.

    • Innersense Tribe says:

      Hi Sophia,

      Thanks for reaching out. To our knowledge, Facebook does not allow users to hide likes or reactions to a page or post. The only hiding capabilities users have would be with comments on a post.

      Thank You!

  • Shima says:

    Social media is a great way to increase leads.

    Thanks for sharing amazing tips for facebook profile.

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