7 Fashion Inspired Hair Tips for Fall

Is fringe in for fall? If so, is that fringe on clothing or fringe bangs? We suggest both. “When thinking about hair trends, looking to fashion for inspiration is always a must,” says Hair Expert Joanne Starkman. “While you’re transitioning your closet and make-up in anticipation of cooler weather, it’s time to freshen up your tresses too. Fall 2015 fashion looks to be eclectic, playful and alluring, which influences fun and flirty hair choices.”

With more than two decades in hair care, Starkman is the co-founder of Innersense Organic Beauty. Offered in fine salons & spas and at online, Innersense Organic Beauty products are free of toxins, silicones, resins, phthalates & parabens. Starkman’s line-up for fall hair includes:

  1. Yummy Colors – Strawberry, cinnamon and dark chocolate are yummy for dessert… and for hair. Starkman adds, “Strawberry blonde is an easy way to make-over bleached-out, summer tresses. While warm brown and dark chocolate always work well in fall to give hair plenty of shine.” With hair color, keep your complexion in mind: Light strawberry and warm tones flatter fair skin. For darker complexions, try a richer cinnamon tone.
  2. Big Soft Hair that Won’t Blow Away – “Blowouts continue to be on trend this season with lots of big, soft, wavy style,” adds Starkman. She suggests starting with ample hydration by using a moisturizing conditioner like Innersense Color Radiance Daily Conditioner. While hair is still wet, spritz in Sweet Spirit Leave-In Conditioner, then use a small amount of I Create Volume at the roots, blow dry as usual. Before hair is 100% dry, place 2-3 drops of Harmonic Healing Oil on hands and rub together. Lightly run oiled hands over hair; continue to style.
  3. Embrace your Inner Boho – Give your flat iron a rest! To achieve the boho wavy look, the right product is important. Starkman uses a dime-sized amount of Quiet Calm Curl Control for thinner hair, or a quarter-sized for longer, thicker hair. She applies to wet locks to help keep a natural look without the frizz. If hair doesn’t have natural texture, use a curling wand, braid hair overnight, or use rollers to add volume.
  4. Braid. Done. – Pinterest, Instagram and YouTube continue to be places of fashion-forward inspiration for beautiful braids. Master a braid or twist by starting with damp hair and apply Sweet Spirit Leave-In Conditioner to add the perfect amount of “slip”. When your style is complete, I Create Finish gives the ideal amount of hold. If you are looking for an elegant up-do, try a French Twist. For a casual look, create a soft, messy twist.
  5. Become a Master of Illusion – An interesting runway trend includes hair tucked into clothes such as collars and pockets. Starkman’s variation includes a low ponytail at the nape of the neck secured with a hair tie or special clip. Or, if you really want to give yourself a new look with no commitment, try a faux bob. Starting with a loose ponytail at the nape of the neck, roll hair up under the hair and tie, then secure with bobby pins. Gently pull hair out to desired length.
  6. Go for the Fringe – Regardless of the texture of your hair, perfect fringe is possible. Styling bangs is simple with the right round brush and just a dab of I Create Volume. Complete this look with a fingertip amount of Inner Peace Whipped Crème Texturizer. If bangs are not your thing, soften any style by accentuating the baby hairs framing your face. Take a small amount of Inner Peace Whipped Creme Texturizer, emulsify between fingers, and swipe over baby hairs.
  7. Trade in your Bun for a Pretzel – Knots are hot. Start with your regular ponytail. Wrap hair around the base and pull the end of the hair through and secure with bobby pins. The ends of the hair can stick out for a messier, casual look or smoothed for a classic style. Another version of this style includes a braided ponytail. Wrap it around into a bun, secure with a claw clip or bobby pins.


  • Oscar says:

    These are the amazing tips! these tips are very helpful to me thanks for share it.

    • Innersense Organic Beauty says:

      Hi Oscar! Thank you for your comment, we are happy to see that you are enjoying Innersense and what we have to offer to our community. Sending you lots of happy healthy hair love!

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