4 Ways to Detox Your Life

While any time is a great time to detox your life, the start of a new year always manages to bring a fresh energy to motivate us to take on the challenge. As we kick off 2022, the phrase “out with the old and in with the new” sounds perfect. Try one (or all!) of these ideas to start your year off with a clean slate and find a few helpful detox tips from our community.

BODY – Refresh Your Hair and Scalp

Though a new haircut or color can be a fun way to revive your look, detoxing your hair from dulling product buildup or pollution can also give your hair a New Year refresh. The Detox Hair Mask is a quick clarifying detox treatment that you can do in the shower to remove impurities from the hair to allow your hair to find its shine. A trio of charcoal, kaolin clay, and Certified Organic white vinegar work together to draw out microparticles while leaving your hair feeling soft and nourished. Particularly if you’re new to your clean beauty journey (hint: now is the perfect time to hop on board), this treatment helps bring your hair back to life.

“Let this new year bring a new intention around your beauty routines. By shifting the focus of your daily routines into conscious rituals, every step of the process begins to come from a place of intent and purpose. Instead of rushing through each step, unwind and stay present so you are mindful focusing only on what you are doing at that very moment. Celebrate self-care and treat your beauty rituals as a sacred time.”

-Sara Rosie, Conscious Beauty

MIND/SPIRIT – Commit to a Mental Wellness Routine

Highs and lows will always be a part of life, but by committing to ways that help you emotionally detox will give you a clearer mind and heart. Take mini breaks during the work day to ease physical tension and reboot your brain, relax and unwind with a bath or squeeze in a 5-minute meditation session. Studies show that just two short periods of daily meditation can help relieve stress and anxiety. 

Release all of the exhaustion and overwhelm that’s draining your life force energy. By letting go of all that stagnant energy that’s blocking your body’s system, you can shift the direction you’re headed towards. Gently re-directing yourself away from the routine of maintaining chaos and guiding yourself into a state of abundance and wellness.” 

-Libbee Smith, Empath Empowerment Coach at Beeing You

FOOD/NOURISH – Practice Mindful Eating

Mindful eating allows us to be present and connect with the food and ingredients we take in. Bring all the senses to each meal by appreciating the aroma and flavors as you chew slowly in small bites with intent.

“Food is fuel and it can either nourish and support our bodies or stand in the way of our bodies working their best. When I am intentional about nourishing my body with the food I eat, I have more energy and ability to live well. I have less pain and fog and fatigue and other nuisances that can stand in my way”

-Shawna Holman, A Little Less Toxic

SPACE – Declutter Your Closet

Whether the new year means you’re transitioning back to the office full-time, or you’re still living in the world of soft pants and Zoom meetings, it’s time to officially reevaluate what’s taking up space in your closet and drawers. First, a proper clean-out involves fully emptying all your clothes from your shelves, drawers, and hanging rods so you can take a full inventory of what you realistically wear. From there, divide your belongings into piles to keep or donate/repurpose. If you haven’t worn something in over a year, it’s time to part ways. Try to maintain your newly organized closet by donating or repurposing something anytime you buy something new. 

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