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3 Ways To Love Your Hair More

Love your hair. Love yourself.” – Joanne Starkman

Remember the last time you loved the look and feel of your hair? Or, maybe the stronger memory you have is of a time your hair didn’t cooperate, no matter how hard you tried to get it right. With many lessons to share, our hair is one of our greatest teachers, if we take the time to listen.

Over the years, I’ve had many beauty guests in my salon chair. They have all had different stories about their hair journeys. After listening to my clients, I’ve learned about consistent themes about hair that connect many of us.  If we can tune in and really listen to our hair, we can discover wisdom to guide you through a journey of self-discovery, self-care and self-love.

Here are three easy ways to love your hair more:

1. Be Gentle. Use a Hubalou!

Any hair type can benefit from Hubalou bamboo towels. My daughter, Morgan, has curly hair and the Hubalou is fabulous for plopping curls. Plus, this super soft towel gives fine hair extra TLC it needs. Being made from a renewable source, it’s an extra reason to love Huablous! Be sure to skip using your regular bath towel on your hair as it is too rough. Bath towels can cause frizz and your hair to break, too.

2. Deep Condition Regularly.

One of the keys to healthy and strong hair is moisture.The benefits of nourishing your locks with good-for-you ingredients, like those in our Hydrating Hair Masque, will come back two-fold when you maintain a regular deep conditioning schedule. Schedule a date night in your calendar with yourself on a regular basis, whether it is weekly or monthly, depending on how much hydration your hair needs to deep condition.

3. Mirror Work.

As a big fan of Louise Hay, her approach to learning to love yourself through mirror work is incredibly impactful. It’s learning to look at yourself in the mirror and starting a meaningful dialogue with YOU!

When you are in front of the mirror, it is the most powerful experience to speak affirmations out loud. The mirror reflects back to you your own feelings about yourself and your hair. It shows you clearly any negative thought patterns. It’s this process of identifying those thoughts where you can implement positive change in your life.

Because I am so passionate about mirror work and affirmations, I created affirmations for each product in our product line (be sure to turn to the back of the bottle to read each one!) for your daily dose of love to add mindfulness to your morning routine.

When ordering online from our website, you’ll also receive an affirmation card. If you’re inspired, keep it next to your mirror. Here is my haircare favorite to get you started:

I allow my hair to grow healthy and happy.

These three ways to love your hair more will get you started with ease!

There many others ways to love your hair more, too. Because stress, vitamins and minerals plus diet can all play a part in healthy haircare, nourishing your body from the inside out from an emotional, physical and spiritual place is important. 

What’s your hair telling you?  

I invite you to celebrate and love your hair and yourself every day.  Sending you lots of hair love, Joanne

Joanne Starkman is co-founder of Innersense Organic Beauty and expert stylist focusing on the importance of self-care and self-love.

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