Month: November 2017

Attitude for Gratitude: 3 Three Ways to Start Your Routine

Long ago, I established a routine gratitude practice. Not only have I found that it centers me to focus on what is really important in my life, it also grounds me in a way I can be truly present for those I love. If this idea is new to you, here are easy ways you can…
Tamanu Nuts


The Rich Healing Power of Tamanu Oil Tamanu Oil is a topical healing oil derived from the nuts of the Ati tree in the South Pacific. It has been used for hundreds of years to clear up essentially any skin condition (even leprosy back in the day!). It is a secret that’s been forgotten, but…

Education: Let’s Dive Deep Hairstylists!

At my heart and soul, I am a hairstylist. And after attending the W.E.L.L. Summit in New York City this past weekend, my heart and soul are renewed. Why? Hairstylists, read on and I’ll share it with you.