Month: October 2017

Five fall hair trends we're loving now.

Five Fall Hair Trends We’re Savoring Now

What are you craving this Fall besides a bottomless pumpkin spiced latte? We’ve craving clean, pure beautiful hair that we want to sip, and slip right into. Here are five of our fave fall hair trends, and how to #GetTheLook, right from our tribe members.
Avocado on countertop

Avocado Oil

The Mighty Avocado: Superfood for Your Hair We know avocados are good for our insides, but this yummy fruit delivers amazing benefits to hair, too. Ancient Egyptians used the nutrient dense avocado to prevent hair loss and moisturize the hair. They were right! Avocados serve up a delicious dose of antioxidants, essential fatty acids, biotin,…