Month: September 2017

Half a coconut, resting on rustic wooden surface

Coconut Oil

Why We Love It: Coconut Oil   Pacific Rim and Asian countries have relied on the coconut palm for thousands of years: Coconut meat was used for food, the flowers for sap, and the leaves for weaving baskets. And of course, the oil extracted from the milk of mature coconuts was used as an elixir…
Photo by Larisa Birta on Unsplash

September Summer Hair Strategies

In Northern California, “Indian Summer” is here. It’s hot, hot hot, one day and humid, foggy and cold the next. If you’re struggling with keeping your hair sanity while Mother Nature makes up her mind, here’s 10 summer hair strategies for the curly (and even the not-so-much) from our friend Beverly Turner of Hello Curls…

Love and Light to Hurricane Harvey’s Displaced

We’re sending our love (and more!) to Texas. Joanne and I knew instantly we had to help those displaced by Hurricane Harvey. We contacted the Red Cross and were connected with Austin Disaster Relief Network, a non-profit which works directly with the organization. En route to a distribution center in Celebrations, Texas, is two full…