Month: October 2015

Game-Changer for Curly Hair: It’s Called Curly Hair Artistry

Scott Musgrave has a strong motto:  Your hair doesn’t need to be ‘fixed’, your hair needs to be ’embraced’.  If you have curly hair, you know the trials and tribulations you’ve gone through from stylists, products and your overall approach to curly hair.  Maybe you even attempted to straighten it!

Don’t Give Up! My Hair Completely Changed By the End of the Shampoo Bottle

I hope you enjoy this recent email from Shannon, and how she fell in love with Innersense Organic Beauty. -– Greg Starkman, Founder of Innersense Organic Beauty Hi Greg, I met you at the Indie Beauty Expo in NYC while helping my friend at her table, The Good Home Company. I’m keeping my promise about…