#1 Super Secret To Detox Your Hair: Innersense Detox Ceremony!

Have extra build up or lackluster hair? We have a special Detox Ceremony to help expedite the process back to natural, healthy hair.

Who it’s for:

Our Detox Ceremony is designed for those with over-processed, ombre, bleached and heavily styled hair, or hair that has been consistently exposed to commercial and chemical products loaded with silicones.

It’s a simple ceremony using our Harmonic Healing Oil and your favorite brush to simply sweep the silicones and residue away!

Products in our Detox Ceremony:

Harmonic Healing Oil 
Your favorite brush (A natural bristle brush is ideal but any gentle brush will do.)

How It Works:

This is an overnight treatment, so start your ceremony at night, with dry hair. Add several to a dozen drops of Harmonic Healing Oil onto your fingertips and massage into the scalp. Using your hands and brush, distribute Harmonic Healing Oil through your hair all the way to ends until hair is moderately saturated with oil. “Pineapple” or wrap your hair loosely in a dry towel, tee shirt or in a loose bun and enjoy a full night’s sleep! In the morning, proceed with your Trio Collection.

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